October, 2011

The Lodge

The Lodge
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The Lodge

  • Exciting sightings

    There have been a lot of really good bird sightings here today, topped by an osprey seen with a fish, flying over the hillfort. It was seen again over the gatehouse late afternoon. At least 20 crossbills have flown over with several lingering and the 6 woodlarks have again been around the new heath, near the hillfort. 3 bramblings flew over and one fed on the feeder at the hide and a good number of redpoll's (30/40) flew over as well.A grey wagtail has been around for most of the week and a few siskin flocks are scattered around the reserve.

    Not a bad day!

    it's our Feed The Birds event this weekend, we'll have bird ringing demo's, Homes for Wildlife info, children's activities and hopefully some of the birds above! It runs from 11-4 on both Saturday and Sunday...you can top up on bird food as well, large bags of 12.75 kg seed have £5 off.



  • Firecrests and fires!

     Our feed The Birds event this weekend was a massive success and really drew in the crowds, the site was exceptionally busy all weekend and it was a fantastic weekend. On top of this, we had a fire at the back of Sandy Ridge on Sunday and six fire engines attended to deal with it.We had some great birds-a black redstart sat on top of the roof looking down on the Feed The Birds event at The Lodge, ravens flew over, an osprey was seen again, perched on a dead tree on the new heath with a fish,the woodlarks were also  again on the new heath,crossbills and bramblings flew over and to top it all, the stunning firecrest in the picture was ringed, alongside a goldcrest, for a perfect comparison opportunity!

    Another good sighting this morning, a merlin was seen dashing over the new heath- I wonder what's next on this great run?

  • Unusual sightings

    As migration kicks in and birds are on the move, strange sightings can be had.To prove this point, a lone juvenile gannet flew over the new heath on Saturday 9 and a ringtail ( female) harrier species flew over towards the main house on the 14th, both exceptionally rare birds at The Lodge.Another harrier, confirmed as a ringtail hen harrier, flew over on the 16th. Around 5 or 6 woodlarks have been on the reserve, mainly around the new heath. They have been seen early mornings,including today, but no further reports during the day. Fieldfares and redwings are on site and flying overhead and the vis- mig guys (birders who watch for visible migration) have seen (or heard) redpolls. crossbills, two ring ouzels and bramblings flying overhead.


    Other sightings today include a flock of siskins, a pair of ravens and two treecreepers.