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The Lodge
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  • Blog Post: What's about?

    Well, what with the weather, The Lodge is starting to take on something of an autumnal feel. The breeding season is over for nearly all birds, and robins are starting to sing again - reminiscent of damp autumn mornings for me... On Tuesday, a grand total of 37 mistle thrushes was counted in a field...
  • Blog Post: Long distant migrants

    Visitors come from many parts of the UK to see The Lodge, but not normally for a day visit from Scotland! Yesterday, RSPB members Violet and Nicky caught the plane from Edingburgh to Luton, hired a car to drive to Sandy and spent the day enjoying the reserve- and the lovely sunshine- for Violet's...
  • Blog Post: Luscious lavender

    The lavender that runs along the path leading up to the shop is really drawing in some insect life. At least eight species of bees have been seen, white, buff and red tailed, common carder, early, garden and heath bumble bees and finally on the window plants a tree bee! A hummingbird hawk-moth skimmmed...
  • Blog Post: A hint of autumn

    The weather does many different things- and here we are a week after temperatures peaked at 30 degrees wondering whether or not to put the heating on and wear a fleece! Wildlife is still very much on the summer side though, 3 hobbies are gracing the reserve and spotted flycatchers are still been seen...