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  • Blog Post: Finch flocks slowly arriving

    There was a noticeable change in the amount of 'new' birds around The Lodge today and during the week. Around the feeders at The Gatehouse, greenfinch numbers have built up, a female brambling has shown at times, and a few reed buntings and yellowhammers were in a mixed flock along the low birches...
  • Blog Post: A few winter migrants appear at the Lodge

    On Sunday, two ravens were seen flying together and later in the day, I noticed a raven mobbing a buzzard over the Galley Hill end of the new heath. As we haven't had any signs that they are nesting on the reserve, this is interesting behaviour at this time. Are they starting to nest later this year...
  • Blog Post: Impressive thrush flock

    The number of birds in the mixed flock on Sandy Ridge meadow is building up nicely. I estimated over 500 fieldfares, 200 starlings, 150 redwings, 20 meadow pipits, several mistle thrush and a few goldfinches, all feeding in a large group on the grass this morning. Although it was fairly quiet on the...