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The Lodge

The Lodge
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The Lodge

  • Hobbies, Psyducks and Caterpies

    The Lodge Reserve can boast an impressive 4500 species but over the past few days our species list has grown even more.

    At this time of the year the gardens are alive with dragonflies zooming around the old swimming pool and bees buzzing around the lavender. However today whilst having an exploration, the gardens appeared to have been taken over by some new creatures. Around the old swimming pond, I have discovered Horsea, a type of seahorse who when feeling threatened can squirt black ink out from its mouth. Horsea’s diets consist mainly of insects and moss from rocks. Other discoveries have included Staryu, a starfish that on a night will float to the surface and align itself with the stars and Psyduck, a platypus type animal with psychic powers.

    The lawn outside of the Lodge shop has been full of caterpies, green caterpillars with yellow rings around their eyes who can give off an awful stench to repel predators. Weedles have also been found munching their way through the leaves.

    A Pokestop can also be found here, so why not swing by to top up on Poke Balls, incense, potions and eggs. Whilst you are exploring the The Lodge reserve for more characters why not treat yourself to an ice cream and come and view our hobby nest which has 3 chicks.

  • Cool shade on offer!

    If you are sweltering and looking for relief from the heat, come along for a walk under the pines trees at The Lodge and enjoy the cool shade. The lime trees are giving off a gorgeous sweet aroma at the moment as well.
    Hope the Pantaloons have cooled down after a hot show on Saturday afternoon. Emma Leaf-Grimshaw sent me this image of her family wth the cast after the terrific show on Sunday afternoon.

    The Pantaloons will be back on Friday 26 August with Romeo and Juliet and Sat and Sun 27/28 A...ugust with Gulliver's Travels...can't wait!

    More info and tickets from 01767 693333 or the Pantaloons web-site;

  • Hatching hobbies!

    The hobbies have hatched! 3 chicks have been seen in the nest, which is along the Galley hill/ New heath trail, near the junction with the path down to Sandy. We have put a sign close to the tree so you should be able to see them bringing food to the nest.

    Great news!

     Image credit, hobby at The Lodge Justin Woolhead