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The Lodge

The Lodge
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The Lodge

  • The Lodge welcomes the Biking Birder

    Gary Prescott, the Biking Birder has been to The Lodge on his RSPB fundraising tour of every RSPB reserve. The sun was shining as we went from the Gatehouse to HQ and a great reception was waiting to greet him ! Best of luck to Gary and many thanks from us all at The Lodge! Gary is now at Rye Meads and then heading to Minsmere, where he will be on one of the BBC Springwatch shows.


    Image;   Mark Brandon

  • Stop press!

    After writing the previous blog, I've just heard that spotted flycatchers were seen today, at the start of the bridleway as it drops away from the drive. Great news!

  • Any day now for the spotted flycatchers return

    Looking back on last year, the first spotted flycatcher was seen at The Lodge on 17 May, so only a few days to go if they are on schedule this year!

    We'll be hoping that they use the nest box in the back garden at the Gatehouse again, as this gives visitors a great close up view of the birds in action. Last year they nested on an old birch near the hide, but as long as they return and nest anywhere on the reserve we'll be happy!

    Up to four hobbies have been seen together, and the warm sunny weather will certainly be helping them as they search for insects and prey over the new heath.

    Some of the other exciting creatures at The Lodge are being spotted now, a few green-tiger beetles are about and common lizards are being seen quite regularly. There's always the chance of spotting a grass- snake sliding off into the undergrowth or pools as you walk around the reserve as well.

      Image credit; Will George