The Lodge

The Lodge

The Lodge
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The Lodge

  • Bluebells are blooming


    One of the spring highlights at The Lodge is the wonderful display of bluebells on the path to the gardens. It seems that it's becoming more and more popular to come and enjoy these sweet scented flowers and last week a Canadian lady, who was staying in Cambridge on holiday, called me as she'd heard this was a great place to see bluebells and she was desperate to see them before her flight home at the weekend! I'm glad they were out and we could oblige and it's nice to think she will be telling her friends back home about her visit here.

     Bluebells today at The Lodge Image credit James Clark

  • Some images of birds and insects at The Lodge this month

    I'm have recently been sent a lot of images that have been taken of birds here at The Lodge this month, so I thought I'd add a selection here to share with you.

    On the reserve, most of the migrants are here now, with cuckoo, whitethroat and garden warbler the most recent arrivals- and two common terns flying over at the weekend added to the list!

    Enjoy a tour of the wildlife of The Lodge below and thanks to all of the photographers for sending their images.

      Cinnamon teal/hybrid Image Adrian Coleman

     Ring ouzel on Sandy Heath Quarry Image Ray Valpier

     Great Spotted woodpecker   9 year old Milo

      Little owl Sandy heath Quarry Ray Valpier

     Cream spotted ladybird Jan Murphy

      And of course our lesser-spotted woodpecker ( Ray Valpier)


  • At last, a great image of the lesser spott!

    I've been waiting for a good picture of our lesser spotted- woodpecker, and now I've got one! Ray Valpier took this brilliant shot, so a very big thanks to him. The first cuckoo of the year was calling here this morning - exactly the same date as last year!