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The Lodge

The Lodge
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The Lodge

  • Best of June

    A lot has happened in June- and I'm just off to Crete for my hols- so I thought a round- up of the best of the month might be in order. Enjoy your summer walks around The Lodge!

     Ray Piercy Linnet Ray Piercy

     Great-spotted woodpecker leaving; nest Ray Piercy

     Nuthatch in nest Jan Murphy

     Minotaur beetle; Betty Cooke

     Wild History Day; Graham Taplin

     Birch weaving at Wild History Day. Graham Taplin

     Me introducing Stornoway! Image Tom Mason

     Stornoway Image Tom Mason


  • Greylag goose and goslings are the stars

    If you've been to The Lodge gardens recently you can't have failed to see the family of greylag geese that have been raised here are now happily wandering around like lords of the manor!. They are becoming quite an attraction, so I thought I'd put a couple of Ray Piercy pictures on the page to show you.




  • Summer sale starts today!

    Come along to grab a bargain in The Lodge shop- the summer sale has just started!