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  • Chats on the heath

    Quick sightings update...At least c 8 stonechats and 2 whinchats, all together in scrubby area east of the conifer plantation, on Sandy Heath ( land opposite The Lodge reserve)
  • Bathing green woodpecker

    We are fortunate to have some top class photographers who visit the reserve and send us their images. Geoff Harries was in the hide this week when he caught this green woodpecker bathing - which is not a common sighting. The photo's he took are...
  • Hairy shield-bugs and hobbies

    Everyday now we wonder if the hobbies will head off on the start of their migration, but at least one bird is still lingering around the new heath and was seen several times today. Eight or nine buzzards were up in the air together around mid - day, although...
  • Whinchats on migration

    Following my last post- I'm pleased to say that the hobbies are still around and have been seen here on the new heath again today. At the hide, 3 grey wagtails bobbed around the pool edges and were also seen on the brook at Biggleswade Common, just...
  • Last of the summer birds

    As we reach the middle of September, a few summer birds linger around the reserve. On Tuesday, we had stunning views of the hobbies on the new heath. At least one adult was skimming around, low and close to the path and Visitor Information Centre and...