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  • End of October?

    I mentioned a while ago how mild it was, and having just had a walk out on the reserve, I think it's even warmer now - and we are fast approaching November! The Discovery Day went very well last weekend and was very busy; several bank voles were...
  • Give Nature a Home Discovery Day Sunday 26 October

    We are looking forward to the Discovery Day on Sunday. We have some great activities planned; the owl pellet man, Bedfordshire Natural History Society with small mammal surveys, which should give us some close views of the little beasties that we find...
  • Autumn birds start to appear

    Although it is remarkably mild this week- and especially today, there are signs of autumn around us. Flocks of redwings have been arriving from around the 12th October and are often seen and heard on the reserve now. The odd single fieldfare has been...
  • Discovery Day October 26

    I had a week away in the Lake District last week, and three great birds turned up in Bedfordshire! Firstly, a hoopoe at Willington, then even better (or rarer), a lesser grey shrike on nearby Biggleswade Common and then a dotterel, found by our very own...
  • Chats on the heath

    Quick sightings update...At least c 8 stonechats and 2 whinchats, all together in scrubby area east of the conifer plantation, on Sandy Heath ( land opposite The Lodge reserve)