Having slowly got to grips with bird identification through binoculars, I am currently taking on the task of learning bird song. A simple case of going out and listening, then trying to spot the bird from which the sound emanates, surely. It has not taken me long to realise this is not the case. They don’t make it easy for you! With birds mimicking each other, calls and songs to get to grips with and birds that are impossible to spot, it’s a wonder how anyone becomes proficient.

However, help is on hand! This Saturday is our first Dawn Chorus Walk of the year. Starting well before the time I would normally even think about getting out of bed, the walk is at the perfect time for hearing a great variety of birds. We’ll be listening for birds such as whitethroat, sedge warbler, blackcap and (fingers and toes crossed) with luck, our famous baritone – bittern!

Repetition is definitely the key for me. I have heard chaffinches so many times but I still get muddled, they all just sound the same to me! I’m hoping that with some expert help I might be able to remember a few. Plus, with breakfast included, how could I say no!

I’ll see you all at 5am on Saturday then!

Here’s the important bit: booking is essential (we wouldn’t want you to miss out) £12 adults £8 children (£1 discount for members) including breakfast (a very hearty breakfast including all manner of yummy things).

This great photo of a sedge warbler singing it's heart out is by Andy Thompson