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Titchwell Marsh

Titchwell Marsh
Big skies, a fabulous sandy beach and bird-filled lagoons are just a few of the gems tucked away inside Titchwell's treasure trove of natural delights.
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  • Blog Post: Exciting discovery

    Back in the summer, a local lacewing visited the reserve for one of our moth morning events and made an exciting discovery on the outside of one of the traps. Reproduced below is an article Paul wrote for the local Norfolk Natterjack magazine Nothochrysa fulviceps, a lacewing new to Norfolk...
  • Blog Post: Marvelous moths and beautiful butterflies

    Its not only us that have been enjoying the fantastic summer weather but so have the wildlife especially our insect populations. Butterflies have been faring particularly well with many of our resident species having a good year. A walk along the West Bank path can produce a wide variety including...
  • Blog Post: Ray's Rambles: What a turn-up!

    As Ray nears his target of 800 species, he proves that no stone should be left unturned when on the hunt for wildlife at Titchwell Marsh. To get the best out of the reserve, there are plenty of events and lots of different areas to explore which can open your eyes to all sorts of wildlife. This...