Titchwell Marsh

Titchwell Marsh

Titchwell Marsh
Big skies, a fabulous sandy beach and bird-filled lagoons are just a few of the gems tucked away inside Titchwell's treasure trove of natural delights.

Titchwell Marsh

  • July 23rd 2016 - Today at Titchwell

    Black tailed godwit - 463 on fresh marsh

    Arctic tern with 51 common terns on fresh marsh

    Green sandpiper - 1 on Patsy's reedbed

    Avocet - 357 on fresh marsh

    Little stint - 1 on fresh marsh

    Spotted redshank - 3 on fresh marsh

    Turtle dove - 1 singing in carpark this morning

    Greenshank - 1 on fresh marsh

    Arctic skua - dark phase bird offshore

    Eider - 2 offshore

    Common sandpiper - 1 on fresh marsh

    Bar tailed godwit - 66 on fresh marsh

    Dunlin - 32 on fresh marsh

  • July 22nd 2016 - Today at Titchwell

    Spotted redshank - 14 on fresh marsh

    Ruff - 16 on fresh marsh

    Black tailed godwit - 281 on fresh marsh

    Avocet - 350 on fresh marsh

    Little stint - 1 on fresh marsh

    Spoonbill - 8 roosting this morning then on saltmarsh this afternoon

    Oystercatcher - 82 on fresh marsh

    Sandwich tern - 79 roosting on fresh marsh including a colour ringed bird from Scolt Head island just east of the reserve

    Common tern - 37 roosting this morning

    Little ringed plover - 4 on fresh marsh

    Red kite - 1 over East Trail this afternoon

  • Giving Nature a Home at Snettisham

    One of the many things that make Snettisham so special is the amazing displaying of waders swirling around at high tide during the winter months. While these birds are in the air they are looking for a safe and quiet spot to spend the high tide period and the pits on the reserve provide the ideal conditions.

    However getting the right conditions does require some work over the summer to make it perfect. Over the spring and summer, vegetation grows up on the main roost bank which the birds don’t like. It makes them uneasy that there may be predators lurking unseen and they don’t come into roost. Our challenge is to clear all the vegetation to make them feel safe.

    Hand weeding the bank is the best way to clear the area, pulling the plants out by the roots to stop them re-growing over the autumn and this is where we need your help.

    If you are able to spare a few hours to help us create this spectacle we would be really pleased to hear from you.

    Thursday August 4th is the date we have set so if you would like to help or find out more about the work, please drop us a line at Titchwell@rspb.org.uk

    Many thanks