Titchwell Marsh

Titchwell Marsh

Titchwell Marsh
Big skies, a fabulous sandy beach and bird-filled lagoons are just a few of the gems tucked away inside Titchwell's treasure trove of natural delights.

Titchwell Marsh

  • August 28th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Great white egret - 1 feeding on reedbed pool although it is elusive at times

    Curlew sandpiper - 3 juveniles on fresh marsh

    Spoonbill - 4 on fresh marsh

    Whinchat - 4 on East Trail

    Pied flycatcher - 1 along main path

    Spotted flycatcher - 1 in picnic area

    Wigeon - 4 early returning birds on fresh marsh this morning

    Eider - 11 offshore

    Golden plover - 200 roosting on fresh marsh this morning then flew inland to feed

  • August 27th 2014 - Today's highlights

    With a bit of an easterly wind and light rain there was a bit it of an arrival of migrants this morning. An early morning visit to Thornham Point produced a few birds.

    Wheatear - 2 at Thornham Point

    Whinchat - 1 at Thornham Point

    Pied flycatcher - 1 at Thornham Point, 1 on East Bank

    Spotted flycatcher - 1 at Thornham Point

    Peregrine - female at Thornham Point

    Spoonbill - 7 on saltmarsh

    Curlew sandpiper - adult still on fresh marsh

    Arctic tern - 1 on fresh marsh

    Eider - 12 offshore

    Hobby - adult still present hunting around the reserve

    Bittern - seen again in flight over the reedbed. The bird has been regularly seen over the past few weeks

  • August 26th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Arctic tern - 1 juvenile west 08:00

    Curlew sandpiper - adult on fresh marsh this afternoon

    Spoonbill - 12 on fresh marsh then flew east

    Spotted redshank - 1 on fresh marsh

    Greenshank - 2 on fresh marsh

    Hobby - 1 hunting over reserve