Titchwell Marsh

Titchwell Marsh

Titchwell Marsh
Big skies, a fabulous sandy beach and bird-filled lagoons are just a few of the gems tucked away inside Titchwell's treasure trove of natural delights.

Titchwell Marsh

  • September 18th 2015 - Today at Titchwell

    Osprey - 1 still present

    Curlew sandpiper - 3 juveniles on fresh marsh

    Little stint - 1 on fresh marsh

    Spoonbill - 6 on fresh marsh until mid morning

    Red necked grebe - 1 offshore

    Pomerine skua - 1 offshore early morning

    Greenshank - 4 on Volunteer Marsh

    Spotted redshank - 10 on fresh marsh

    Redstart - 1 in reedbed bushes near Island Hide

    Hobby - 2 hunting over reedbed

    Bittern - 2 birds seen several times in flight over the reedbed today

    Well that is the last report from me for a couple of weeks as I'm heading north to sample the delights of autumn migration on Shetland.

  • September 17th 2015 - Today at Titchwell

    Osprey - still present but much more mobile today

    Slavonian grebe - 1 reported offshore

    Whinchat - 1 on saltmarsh

    Little stint - 1 on fresh marsh

    Curlew sandpiper - 2 on saltmarsh

    Spotted redshank - 10 on saltmarsh

  • September 16th 2015 - Today at Titchwell

    Osprey - 1 still present fishing in Thornham harbour and feeding on the tall post on the saltmarsh with the occasional foray inland towards Choseley. Probably the longest staying osprey recorded here.

    Bittern - regular sightings of bird/s in flight

    Another great photo of a bittern feeding in front on Fen Hide in recent days. Many thanks to Sylvia Laing for sharing her image with us

    Spoonbill - 10 on the fresh marsh mid-morning

    Peregrine - 1 over beach

    Curlew sandpiper - 1 on fresh marsh

    Spotted redshank - 17 on fresh marsh

    Little stint - 1 on fresh marsh

    Black tern - 1 west offshore this morning

    Greenshank - 1 on saltmarsh