Titchwell Marsh

Titchwell Marsh
Big skies, a fabulous sandy beach and bird-filled lagoons are just a few of the gems tucked away inside Titchwell's treasure trove of natural delights.
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  • Blog Post: Ray's Rambles: The Four Seasons

    What an extraordinary fortnight. With temperatures ranging from 12c to 29c, no wonder our wildlife has been confused! Four new species have found their way onto my list, which now stands at 909. Three were moths: pink-barred sallow , black rustic and satellite; and one was a plant - wild marjoram . The...
  • Blog Post: Ray's Rambles: Death in the night

    The first thing I do every morning when I arrive at Titchwell is to check the gents toilet walls for insects and spiders. (Luckily not many people have witnessed this odd behaviour!) Apart from the potential for losing friends, it has netted me several species on my wildlife list, the latest two being...
  • Blog Post: Ray's Rambles: Sprawlers, Streakers and Dead Men's Fingers

    The exceptionally mild weather has encouraged me to spend more time than usual on the reserve during the last fortnight. It also tempted a young lady to completely strip off and go skinny-dipping, but she wasn't the streaker in my title. My streak , and the sprawler , were two of the six new moths...