Raptors and Rainbows

Troup Head

Troup Head
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Troup Head

Raptors and Rainbows

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The final birdwatching evening at Troup Head actually turned out to be one of the busiest we've had, perhaps everyone had seen the forecast for the rest of the week and wanted to make the best of our one sunny and relatively wind-free evening.

Troup Head certainly looked fantastic in the sunlight, with the added bonus of a rainbow out across the sea (the one week I don't take my camera as well...). The auks have now almost entirely left the cliff, with only one brief glimpse of a guillemot out at sea. There are still huge numbers of gannets though, with chicks at every stage from still downy to perhaps being days away from fledging. Emma is up on the reserve today getting very wet and doing our final count so we can judge the productivity of the colony this year. As always we'll put the numbers here once they've been worked out.

On of the unexpected highlights at Troup Head this year has been the Peregrine sightings, and for the third week in a row (sadly just after most of the visitors had left) a bird was seen tearing along the cliff. this time a possible juvenile, screaming it's head off as it went past. I then caught a great view of the male bird directly overhead as I walked back to the car park.

Despite the fact that the puffins and guillemots have now gone, if you've not seen the gannet colony yet this year, or just fancy a stunning cliff-top walk then Troup is still well worth a visit. The peregrines should be about all year too, so there'll be something to see even in winter. Depending on time and the weather we may hold another bird-watching evening /Sunday afternoon and we will put any dates on the Troup Head webpage at www.rspb.org.uk/trouphead as soon they're confirmed.

  • Hi Colin,

    Nice to know people read even if they don't always have the time to comment! Nice to read your goosander post on the forum as well.

    Myself and Emma will be at Troup Head a few more times before the end of the season and we'll update the final breeding season counts, as well as any work we do up there through the winter.

  • Thanks  for keeping us up to date, there is some of us out there that do take the time to read the reports you send in, honestly!

    Pity I missed you all during the birdwatching days but I'll still be heading out to Trouphead to see how things are doing anyway. I look forward to more posts!