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Wallasea Island Wild Coast project

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
Conservation for the 21st century, on a scale never before attempted in the UK!
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  • Blog Post: Bird Ringing – and not a bell in sight!

    Bird ringing in Britain and Ireland is organised and co-ordinated by the BTO. A network of over 2,500 trained and licensed volunteers currently ring over 900,000 birds every year. In our postings last week, sightings of ringed birds seen on Wallasea were referred to. These birds had been ringed across...
  • Blog Post: Ratty Moves Home.

    Water voles look cute and furry, but they are unfortunately notoriously hard to see - especially on an island the size of Wallasea. Surveys suggest there may be a population of at least 70 breeding females hiding in the creeks and ditches, all of which must be looked after as much as any rare bird. ...
  • Blog Post: Idiot's Guide to Managed Realignment

    Now before you take offence - that means WRITTEN by an idiot! Following an enlightening one-day conference organised by ABPMer I am now a lot wiser, and thought I'd pass on some interesting facts about the sort of scheme that will be used in parts of the Wild Coast Project. The threat of sea level...