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Wallasea Island Wild Coast project

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
Conservation for the 21st century, on a scale never before attempted in the UK!
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  • Blog Post: Great White flies into Wallasea

    Many of you may have noticed the rapid spread of Little Egrets through the country in past years. I remember well, dashing off to a WWT site in Northern Ireland where the first few of these tropical-looking birds visited Strangford Lough a few years ago, and now they are to be found throughout much of...
  • Blog Post: Wild and Wonderfowl

    We've had a lot of welcome visitors over the last year, including local MPs and councillors,various local press and radio stations, environmentalists, researchers,local businesses, students and school pupils and representatives from various parts of the tourist trade to name but a few. However, possibly...
  • Blog Post: Magical Merlins and S.E.O.s !

    Wallasea Island seems to be a bit of a hotspot for birds of prey these days. Not only have we got several hen and marsh harriers, barn owls, kestrels and peregrines, but also merlins and short-eared owls. On Sunday morning I was enjoying a stroll along the seawall and was delighted to see not one, but...