Wallasea Island Wild Coast project

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
Conservation for the 21st century, on a scale never before attempted in the UK!

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project

  • One Wild Day at Wallasea

    There is only a week now until the One Wild Day at Wallasea and we can't wait!

    This event is an amazing opportunity to come along and discover the incredible work for wildlife that is happening right here in Essex. The Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project is an exceptionally ambitious project aiming to transform this island back into a magical intertidal coastal marshland of over 600 hectares. This event will give you a unique chance to explore the island and find out more about how the RSPB are working with others such as Crossrail to make it happen.

    It will be a fabulous family day out with the chance to get up close and personal with the bugs and beasties that live on the island, discover what lurks in the mud and find out how you can take action to help the wildlife of the island as well as the wildlife in your own back garden. 

    With cracking entertainment from local band Illicit and the amazing Jakob Deist alongside local beers, yummy cake and scrumptious ice cream the day is set to be an excellent one.

    We hope to see you there!

    Please note the London to Southend Bike Ride will be happening on the same day. The below map shows the route they will be travelling and a suggested alternative route to get to the event.

  • Exciting times...

    Exciting times for our Saline lagoon as work has started on the sluice structures.  Visitors will have seen a large crane has appeared to get the 20m+ piling into the ground.  This will be to hold the inlet sluice which will be under enormous pressure from the incoming tide.  The piling for the outlet structures will be much reduced as the pressure of water on an outgoing tide is much smaller.

    Also, contractors are restarting the creation of our smaller second saline lagoon not far from the car park.  This will be fed by an existing sluice, which visitors pass on the sea wall.  The foot drains will be linked to the existing farm ditches and so this winter we should have some lovely wet grassland for wintering birds to feed on.

    The weather is lovely at the moment and you should see lots of lovely yellow wagtails around feeding on insects and flitting around the sea walls and car park edge. 

     We are hoping that the weather stays sunny for our family event, One Wild Day at Wallasea on 20th July.  Please come along– the event is open from 11am – 5pm and is free!  A whole range of activities and stalls are in place for everyone to join in.  

  • Soils and more soils

    Now we have had a period of good weather the bulldozers and dumper trucks are working at full capacity.  Eighteen dumper trucks are moving about 44,000 tonnes of soil each week.  They are hauling it to the south east corner of the island where the future landscape is beginning to form out of the flat surface.  Creeks are appearing, islands have been formed and lower areas will create future lagoons.

    June will be an exciting one as it sees the beginning of the construction of the inlet and outlet sluices for the massive saline lagoon.  This is the lagoon you can see on your right as you walk towards the footbridge along the sea wall and which goes over the conveyor belt bringing the soils in.  The lagoon will eventually be saline but at the moment it is holding rain water in the lower areas.  Even though it is a quieter time of year, some birds are still using it with loafing gulls, shelduck and swans regularly seen.

    Common blue by David Lee

    Butterflies are being seen more regularly with common blue and small heath making an appearance in the last couple of weeks. 

    A beautiful bird that was spotted for one day only was the dotterel, stopping on its way north to the uplands to breed. 

    If you want to find out more about the Wallasea Island Project visit our events page and find out more about our open day in July - One Wild Day at Wallasea

    Rachel Fancy - Warden, Wallasea Island & Foulness