Lights over Wallasea

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
Conservation for the 21st century, on a scale never before attempted in the UK!
Wallasea Island Wild Coast project

Lights over Wallasea

  • There is now what looks like a space age city lighting up the night skies at Wallasea.  Can this be good for the environement?  I'm having difficulty reconciling all the good work done by the RSPB with this kind of light pollution.   If these floodlights are to allow the boats to bring soil from crossrail overnight - couldn't we turn them off until the boats dock please?  If this isn't practical can someone reassure me that these light's aren't going to be a permanent feature - they are spoiling my stargazing and I don't suppose the wildlife think much of them either.

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  • Hi Azumni,

    Thanks for your post and apologies for the delay in replying. What with Christmas holidays and New Year, we’re light on the ground! I understand your concern about the lights at the unloading facility on Wallasea, but hopefully i can reassure you.

    The unloading facility is only a temporary structure, with the current planning consent running until the completion date in 2019. Rest assured, once the Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project is completed, the lighting will be removed. The delivery of material from ships is operational 24 hours a day so lighting is required to ensure a safe and effective working environment.

    We are in the process of agreeing a Lighting Management Plan for this area and this will ensure that all lighting is managed in relation to the level of shipping activity, therefore, reducing any adverse lighting where possible. We will also ensure that lighting is sensitive to the important wildlife using the area and managed to minimise unnecessary light pollution.

    We must remember that this is a major engineering project and as is the way with projects of this scale, the initial investment can sometimes feel disruptive, but we can guarantee it will be  worth it in the end. Once Wallasea Island is finished, the end result will be an amazing wild place for everyone to visit.

    I hope this answers your concerns.

  • Erica

    Your light management plan is obviously working - I've been very heartened to see the lights being switched off at 0745 on most mornings.  Thank You from me and the wildlife.