Weymouth Wetlands

Weymouth Wetlands
Do you love our nature reserves at Radipole Lake and Lodmoor? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
Radipole Lake


  • Told by a friend that when the refurbishment of centre is complete there will only be a cafe and not a shop. 

    That would be a shame – where do I buy my birdie seed?

  • Will be bad if no scopes near windows for people to view through window,also surely we will be able to get information about what is being seen on reserve.

  • Hi guys, I think some chinese whispers have been at work here....

    Yup, when the refurb is over there will be no shop, BUT, you can order your bird seed there and get it delivered to you home or to the shop (with no postage and packaging costs) so never fear possumduck still go to radipole for your bird seed.

    Secondly when the centre opens it will be first and foremost a VISITOR CENTRE interpreting the amazing reserve (including what has been seen Sooty) in which there will be also a slighty larger catering offer. to sum up it is a visitor centre with hot and cold refreshments available in which you can still order and collect bird seed. It's going to be very good.

    give me a bell if you want to clarify anything, or if I've made limited sense...07725574793

    Hope I answered your questions,


  • Thanks Rob

  • Ordering bird feed and getting it delivered?  

    Okay for those who can afford to fork out the odd £30 quid a throw, but certainly leaves out the student or the OAP who pops in and picks up a small fill-it-yourself bag of peanuts.  I suppose they’ll have to revert to what they can get on the market.

  • Hi PossumDuck

    You can order smaller bags of seed than the huge sacks. Usually you can get 1.2kg and 3kg bags as well so don't panic too much.

    Do pop in as soon as we are open and I will be able to explain the options fully to you.

    Kindest regards

    Michelle (Visitor centre manager)

  • Any news on when it will open? We visited and took part in Stocktake and we were told then should only be couple more weeks.

  • Its going to be any day! We are hopeing to be open this coming week, most likely Tuesday or Wednesday. The centre looks superb! We'll post on the blog as soon as we open.