Weymouth wetlands

Weymouth wetlands
Do you love our nature reserves at Radipole Lake and Lodmoor? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Blog Post: Today's Wild Flower Sightings

    It 's a sunny day here in Radipole and spring has definitely arrived.The reed beds are now alive with the chirping of the cetties and sedge warblers while pochard, gadwall and shelducks are paddling about in front of the Discovery Centre. Today we had two welcome visitors, a redshank on the island...
  • Media: Bearded tit (reedling)

    On Monday, 9th February, (mid-afternoon), a group of bearded tits were so intent on stuffing themselves silly that they seemed completely oblivious of me standing there with my brand new Tamron 150-600 lens! It was a great way to put it through its paces!
  • Media: Cormorant 2

  • Media: Gadwall 1

  • Media: Cormorant 1

  • Media: Male Marsh

  • Media: Hoody!

  • Media: Spring is in the Air

  • Media: Finally a Male Bearded Tit

  • Media: Kingfisher Weekend

  • Blog Post: Spare us the Cutter

    Visitors to Radipole last week may have noticed a commotion coming from the ditches and the sound of machinery chugging through the reeds; some might also remember hearing the same thing last autumn. In a couple of places it looks as if a small tank has barged through the reeds, crossed the path and...
  • Blog Post: Couldn't have gone any better!

    At the start of yesterdays ‘Discover Radipole Lake’ walk, I perhaps rather foolishly asked everyone if there was something in particular anyone really wanted to see. Names such as Bearded Tit, Bittern, Kingfisher were all mentioned and I thought to myself, "Oh no... have I accidentally...
  • Media: Bearded Tit

    This was the only one that was close enough to get a reasonable shot. Saw at least 5 over near the "resting" Swans.
  • Media: Burnet Moth

    There were at least 5 of these day-flying moths near the start of the path to North Hide.
  • Media: Reed Bunting

    Taken a North Hide
  • Media: Bearded Tit?

    Is this is a juvenile bearded tit (Panurus biarmicus)? Face looks right but no moustache! RSPB Radipole, Weymouth. UK. It had begun to rain and a pair of these birds were tumbling acrobatically through the reeds as I headed home.
  • Media: Mating Marsh Harriers

    Three Marsh Harriers showing really well today , if a long way off ! . Talking to Luke whilst looking through some of my shots he explained that two were male and one was female . The resident pair having been visited by another male from Abbotsbury . Spectacular birds to watch.
  • Media: Tufty

  • Media: Young Bearded Tit

  • Media: The Radipole Hoody

    Hoody in all his Glory, even when the suns setting on a very chilly January evening.
  • Media: Marsh Harrier Merge

    Male marsh harrier perched on a fenceline opposite the North Hide at RSPB Radipole. 24/03/11. He remained in position for several minutes - no doubt enjoying the glorious weather, and contemplating the vast array of creatures on the menu.
  • Media: Great Crested Grebe

    Taken at Radipole 11/4/12. Love these birds and one day hope to see their mating rituals first hand :)
  • Media: Marsh Harrier Trophy

    Marsh harrier with prey. RSPB Radipole, Weymouth, UK. 14:46, 15/07/11. A water vole?
  • Media: Young Bearded Tit

    Juvenile bearded tit (Panurus biarmicus). RSPB Radipole, Weymouth, UK. 15/07/11.
  • Media: Grey Heron

    Radipole Lake 22.2.13