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  • Blog Post: Cracking times at Arne

    Hello everybody! Hopefully you’ve all been enjoying the glorious weather and extended weekend. Once again the prolonged sunshine has been bringing the visitors in their droves to Arne, all intent on sampling the fantastic scenery and nature that Arne has to offer. One of the more recent highlights...
  • Blog Post: Yet more reasons to come to Arne!

    May is an amazing month to visit Arne. Our last blog highlighted some of the great birds that are around at the moment plus some of our non-avian highlights. If those weren’t enough to get you hot footing it to Arne then we’ve also got some great events happening over the next few weeks which...
  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings 11/05/15

    Hi there everyone! So after a busy bank holiday weekend at Arne the sightings have been rolling in! Everything ranging from Marsh Harriers to Spotted Flycatchers, Sand Lizards to Wall Browns have been observed between Shipstal Point and Coombe Heath, making it a perfect experience for anyone visiting...
  • Blog Post: Survey season has begun.

    With the excellent weather we have had over the past two weeks, now is the time for the Spring/ Summer surveying to commence. This is an exciting time with increasing wildlife sightings around the reserves. Due to the lovely sunshine that late April has brought, reptiles are increasingly being spotted...
  • Media: Siskin today at Arne

    Lovely Male Siskin
  • Media: Dartford

    Dartford Warbler
  • Media: Osprey Pole Upgrade

  • Media: Deer taken at Arne on 01-02-15

    Deer taken at Arne on 01-02-15
  • Media: Young buck feeding

  • Media: Leucistic deer

  • Blog Post: Arne Autumn Arrivals

    As the temperature is finally starting to drop, the familiar Autumn colours are starting to show which is wonderful to see. At Arne over the past few weeks we have seen large numbers of avocets , brent geese and lapwing moving in, as well as the spoonbills which many people have come to see after their...
  • Media: Birch catkin bugs

    Birch catkin bugs (Kleidocerys residae) with adult shield bug. Arne, Dorset, UK. I thought these must be baby shield bugs at first but it seems now. Hundreds of them in the woodland.
  • Media: Grasping the point

    Robin on the track between the farm and Shipstal Point. Taken on 1st October 2014.
  • Media: Missing the point

    Robin on the track between the farm and Shipstal Point. Taken on 1st October 2014.
  • Media: Osprey Ahoy!

  • Media: Autumn Osprey

  • Media: Black Darter

  • Media: Raft Spider with Spiderlings at Arne taken 07/07/14

    This very large female Raft Spider was protecting her little ones.
  • Forum Thread: Cuckoos, curlews and newts

    Hi all. Just thought I'd let you know of my list from Arne a couple of weeks ago. I always love going to Arne, there's something there every season. The one thing that I really loved this time was the Starlings. Passing by an old oak, you can hear the chicks chirping for their mum and dutifully...
  • Media: Spring Osprey 2

    Record shot of the recent visitor
  • Media: Spring Osprey 1

    Record shot of the recent visitor
  • Blog Post: Easter Eggs

    This year it’s all happening on the live cameras! The buzzard camera is streaming live on our website, and you can watch it from here . The female does most of the incubation and is currently sitting on 3 eggs, which is the usual number for buzzards. As Michael mentioned in his last blog, the...
  • Media: Gate-keeper

    Robin sentinel at exit from overflow car park to Coombe Heath. Taken on 13th March 2014.
  • Blog Post: Tigers are on the Prowl!

    So we have been keeping our fingers crossed for spring over the last couple of weeks and this weekend it certainly arrived with a bang. It was that warm that I was working in a T-shirt today! We have been seeing a few butterflies recently and today they were out in force! Peacocks , red admirals , small...
  • Media: Wood Ant Logistics

    Wood ant (Formica rufa) carrying another wood ant. Arne, Dorset, UK.