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  • Blog Post: Some old fashioned weather

    The news, today, has been featuring footage of the crushing winter of 1962/63. I can just remember it. My Dad and I rescued half a dozen moribund redwings from under the garden hedge and took them inside to warm up. Looking at those huddled bundles of feathers standing on the kitchen table is one of...
  • Forum Thread: would love to see 'real' avocets

    hello, I'm new to all this... and would like to see avocets for the first time in the flesh. I live on the Isle of Wight so would need to make a special trip / overnight stay to see the avocets at Arne. Does anyone have any tips on the best times of day, state of the tide, viewing spots or anything...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Pastures New

    Well I came, I saw, and (in the absence of Pete and Pudweena) I ate Pete's cake! Yum, yum. Thank you Pudweena! P.S. We couldn't gobble it all between us so there is a sizeable portion left for latecomers.
  • Forum Thread: Can you spot a "Bumbarrel" at Arne..

    Most birds are generally pretty secretive when building their nests (except for when they're big, like herons' nests, or just plain obvious, like house martins'). This weekend, be a bit of a bird detective and see if you can see a bumbarrel . Yes, you read correctly. 'Bumbarrel'...
  • Forum Thread: Some lovely pictures of The new cover crop trail... Follow this link to see this ladies pictures and experiences on the new cover crop trail and share your own.
  • Forum Thread: Juvenile Dartford Warblers

    Tuseday I was lucky to see 3 possible 4 juvenile Dartford Warblers
  • Forum Reply: Re: Photographs in the Gallery

    Sorry guys been to London the last two weekends, so could send you a piccy of a Ringed neck Parakeet or a hoody lookalike (Radipole) from the amazing London Wetland Centre? Hoping to be back down this weekend. Hope your backs getting better Pete. Take care Vicky :0)
  • Forum Reply: Re: First Visit

    After our first visit today I will echo the thanks of Graham to the staff who were more than helpful in making our day one of the best. After five hours walking around Arne I came away with reasonable shots of Dartford Warber, Whinchat, Tree Pipit, Linnet and Jay (none of which I'd ever seen before...
  • Forum Thread: My first post

    Hello everyone this is my first post so please be gentle. Thanks to Rod for a great welly and wader walk today. Enjoyed the walk and birds. Arne is a great place and so varied.
  • Forum Reply: Re: A Day At Arne

    Hello Les, Thanks for the good wishes. Hope you have many more good and relaxing times. Have fun RR
  • Forum Thread: Invertebrates at Arne

    We visited Arne on the 27th April. The weather wasn't great but it's always a fascinating visit. We had a brief rain shower in the afternoon and once it stopped we saw these 2 beetle wandering along the path at Coombe Heath. Carabus Arvensis Minotaur Beetle (Typhaeus...
  • Forum Thread: Kestrel Chicks

    1020 breakfast time! Looked like a vole, both chicks got a good feed, and I'm sure I saw one of the 3 remaining eggs move, hopefully it will hatch today! I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  • Forum Thread: Lunchtime at the Visitor Centre

    This is why you should alway have you lunch on the picnic tables at the Visitor centre.
  • Forum Thread: Harriers

    I saw a female harrier at Stoborough meadow on Saturday, very close sat on a post on the opposite side of the road and then in flight- Im sure it was a hen harrier as Ive seen them before, and Ive seen a male over the reed beds opposite Redcliffe previously but on the main RSPB pages it says they are...
  • Forum Thread: Need help on accomodation

    Hello all, I've been trying to get an affordable B&B somewhere near Arne, but until now, in vain. I need accomodation from Saturday, July 31st until august 6th, but would also consider leaving sooner in case of a partial availablilty. Does anyone have a secret tip, anywhere within a 15...
  • Forum Thread: Upton Heath Fire

    Ominously close to Arne. Filmed this from the north side of the Arne peninsula at 4pm, wondering what all the smoke was: I suppose dropping water from the harbour with helicopters might do more damage than good?
  • Forum Thread: Woodlark or Skylark?

    Please help can you tell me if this its a Woodlark or a skylark? Taken at Arne 06/04/12
  • Forum Thread: Second vist

    Finally got round to gettting over to Arne again for my second vist this time took my son with me to show him the deer he was not dissapointed we also saw our first Red Shanks feeding (3) at the Shipstal hide. A very nice morings/afteroon walk, really like Arne nice big place that dose not seem to look...
  • Media: Right to Roam

    Access land signage on wooden gate. RSPB Arne, Dorset, UK.
  • Media: Round Robin overindulged at Christmas

    At Arne in December. He was obviously feeling the cold!!
  • Media: I can still see you!

    Despite my best efforts at being a tree or bush I didn't fool this Sika hind at Arne.
  • Media: Firecrest Vignette

    Firecrest in holly tree. RSPB Arne car park, Dorset, UK. They do exist! With thanks to James.
  • Media: Kestrel Gargoyle

    Recently fledged kestrel flexes its wings. RSPB Arne, Dorset, UK. 27/06/11.
  • Media: Goldfinch Winter Sun

    Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) atop a sunflower head on the habitat-managed winter finch trail at RSPB Arne. 11/01/11.
  • Media: Middlebere Hen Harrier

    Ringtail from the Middlebere Farm side