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Results for Calendar competition 2013
  • Media: Common Blue

  • Media: Startled Sika Deer

    Whilst out driving around North Essex (I'm a Sales Rep) I spotted these two Sika Deer at quite some distance, ever ready for some nice shots I grabbed my Nikon and began to stalk them. After approximately half an hour I managed to get near enough with my 300mm without being spotted only to almost...
  • Media: Sunset at South Stack

    Taken from the RSPB's Ellins Tower at South Stack, Anglesey. I love visiting here.
  • Media: AUTUMN DAY

  • Media: Sunset over Strangford Lough

    Stunning sunset over Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland.
  • Media: Sunlight through Brambles

    Taken randomly holding compact camera upside down.
  • Media: Greenfinch

    An obliging greenfinch at our old calf-feeder water trough in the garden
  • Media: A Swan With Two Beaks?!

    A pair of swans courting on the lake, taken from the balcony of my flat
  • Media: Hummingbird Hawk-moth (Flower Stuck on Proboscis)

    Photographed in my garden, Exeter, Devon. The moth was hovering, feeding on the nectar from a flower. A flower got stuck momentarily, and I managed to capture this fleeting event. This photo was featured on BBC Autumnwatch, where Chris Packham explained that Hummingbird Hawk-moths can starve to death...
  • Media: Ducklings

    I could not resist taking a photo of these cute ducklings whilst I was visiting Arundel. There were fourteen all together, but only managed to capture a few of them in this photo!
  • Media: Pretty as a picture

    This butterfly - a tree nymph from South-East Asia - was photographed at Butterfly World in St Albans, Herts.
  • Media: Suilven view

    The view of the North-West Highland landscape taken from the top of Suilven - a long climb in but well worth the effort!
  • Media: Greenbottle

    Even the humblest of animals can be beautiful. A greenbottle (Lucilla spp.) on a stone at Dungeness RSPB. That's the last of my little collection, posted on a wet afternoon. I hope you enjoyed them and i'm looking forward to getting out to see more as Spring is sprung! Sussex Simon
  • Media: Me Tarzan

    Grey Squirrel in the long grass in our garden in Hampshire.
  • Media: Autumn in Coleshill

    A view of Coleshill Pond (Nr Amersham, Bucks), on a particularly murky Autumn day.
  • Media: Ladybird

  • Media: Mackerel

    Two tone mackerel
  • Media: Sparrow launch pad

    A perky sparrow setting to flight from the roof of an old Dutch barn in mid Staffordshire near Shugborough.
  • Media: Chester Robin

    I took this photo of a robin in a park in Chester in autumn 2009
  • Media: Young Blackbird v Young Thrush

    This is the only time I've ever seen a thrush in our water bath, and this youngster wasn't going to let a young blackbird interrupt its ablutions! Sadly taken at the limit of my camera's zoom so probably not good enough quality for the calendar, but worth sharing all the same.
  • Media: Common blue butterfly

  • Media: Herring Gull

    A picture of a Herring Gull getting bits of fish, taken of the Isle of Mull from a boat
  • Media: gossipping ducks

    two ducks chatting away on the leeds - liverpool canal
  • Media: Poppy Field forever

    Thousands of poppies appeared almost overnight in the field near my house. The following day they had all gone as the farmer had ploughed the field but the pictures will last forever.
  • Media: Heather

    Heather on Cannock Chase