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    What were the chances of that? The tiny beak popped out of the eggshell just as I walked past. Welcome to the world!
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    I stand on the beach and the blizzard of snow buntings swirls past me on the sea breeze. Keep still, don't breathe, don't make a sound. Suddenly they're flying towards me and then they're at my feet, looking at me. A big moment with a small bird.
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    It was hard to believe that such a small, delicate bird would soon be flying out over Land's End and across the sea. No wonder it didn't seem in a hurry.
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    We were walking through a car park near the Thames and my 11 year old daughter yelled, "A Kingfisher!" Sure enough a kingfisher had landed near us. We watched him dive for fish. I was so happy that she had spotted him and knew he was special!
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    My friendly Robin visits every morning for his fix of meal worms and thistle seeds. He appeared just after I left a handful of fresh food out for him as it was thick frost this morning. I love that he returns every day.
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    My sister has a beautiful, if possessive, pair of mistle thrushes. They guard her bird table and cotoneaster berries, often attacking any other bird hoping to dash in for a quick snack.
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    I am always pointing out bird songs to my non birding golfing partners and was delighted when one of them said to me, "is that a great spotted woodpecker I can hear?" and it was. Success, another golfer who uses her ears as well as her eyes.
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    Nothing had prepared me for what i might see on my first bird trip, the colours of the birds were amazing, Seeing birds in their wild habitat had opened my eyes to the wonders of nature. I was amazed, felt priviliged and was hooked for life.
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    Two blue *** surveying the bird box in my hedge. Come and go Come and go hopefully accept the rental terms and start the nest. It was cleaned out after the first year use two years ago and not used since but surveyed.
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    Took this at fairburn ings, one of my fave photos!
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    Sitting having a cup of tea at Eagle Heights in Kent watching the bird feeder thought I would take a couple of shots and ended up getting this must say I was very pleased
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    When watching the arial display of a seagul frenzy, there's never a dull moment
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    There's always a special moment when you get out amongst our feathered friends
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    Our dog was really interested in an old hamper box that is in the garden, When i looked in the box to see what it was, there was a great tit laying on her nest. We put a old webcam at the top of the box pointing down and noticed there was 8 eggs!!
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    Just getting ready to leave Strathbeg for the day and saw a Robin coming to and from the feeder table. Watched where she was going and so 3 fledglings on the ground.This little fellow was doing his best to blend into the background. Just brilliant.
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    This is the Robin that's nested in the Ivy on our Garden Fence and in full view! and it is Amazing to watch them coming and going feeding their babies,and being such good parents!! We feel very privileged to have them here,
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    Around the second week of June in 2008 we befriended a young female Blackbird who appeared to have been a abandoned. She looked very poorly and sat all day under our Daphne bush only hopping up higher to roost for the night. We fed Gertie, as she was now called, with water soaked bread and sultanas’...
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    Even cats are doing the nature count in Aberdeen
  • Media: 2930

    Even cats are doing the nature count in Aberdeen
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    Heard a funny noise, and realised the bird feeder may be squirrel proof, but not sparrowhawk proof. Had to remove the dead sparrow from the feeder, but luckily the hawk came back moments later to collect his dinner.
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 18

    Don't forget Christmas stockings for your garden birds... these recycled bird feeders make a great holiday activity for the children: And, as ever, don't forget to share your photos once your feeders are up!
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: a snack in the snow

    So far I've resisted the charisma of our native birds in my photo selections, but I really like this image. It's probably the contrast between the snow and the husk of the tropical coconut that I find amusing. Here Ray Kennedy does a brilliant job of capturing this great tit looking quizzically...
  • Blog Post: Mission: eggpossible

    I always remember one Easter when I stayed at a friend’s house. We used to stay in their conservatory that had a telly and a sofa bed - the weather was fabulous that year. They were marvellous hosts - toast in the mornings, dinner on the table, enough blankets and duvets to keep us warm and our...
  • Blog Post: This weekend...use your ears

    When you next get a second, stick your head out the nearest window (or door!) and listen. If you live near a busy road it might take you a moment to adjust your ears, but listen carefully and you'll hear the beginnings of spring. At the moment, it's mainly an incoherent chatter and twitter...
  • Blog Post: This weekend... watch the wire

    I don't mean The Wire TV series (although apparently it's brilliant). I mean the real one: telegraph and phone wires. Because this weekend they could be getting very busy as house martins and swallows show off their tightrope balancing skills. My bird book, Birds of Britain and Europe , says...