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  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: ghost hunting

    Driving home over the West Yorkshire moors recently, I spied a ghost-like silhouette in the glare of my headlights. A large, white bird of prey had buzzed my car before stealing silently away into the darkness. A barn owl! I quickly pulled over into a convenient lay-by as my excitement mounted...
  • Forum Thread: Bird in the Danube Delta

    I took a pretty photo (I think)! But I don't know what it's of :( Any suggestions?? It was taken in Tulcea, Romania, on the Danube, if that helps or is of interest.
  • Media: House sparrow in my house!

    filling my window feeders one evening i got back spasms had accidentally threw seed everywhere. had to go lay down and thought i'd clean it up in the morning. went in first thing and discovered i was too late, a sparrow had hopped inside and was cleaning it up for me! copyright NDTK
  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: the fisher king

    On a recent trip to the seaside, I spotted a familiar shape arrowing along above the waves - a cormorant! These large waterbirds are supreme fishers and have an almost-reptilian look thanks to a long neck and large, bulging eyes. The bird I spotted was flying low above the waves in picturesque...
  • Media: Ruff

    Thought it was a Purple Sandpiper, but thank you TeeJay
  • Media: Gannet - 8th Aug 2015

    My first visit to the reserve... had a great day
  • Media: First Bite of the Cherry

    All quiet on the Blackbird front as the cherry tree provides its own gob-stopper!
  • Media: Unsinkable

    Mallard chick on Coombe Heath. Sunday 7th June 2015.
  • Media: Robin feeding from my hand at Leighton Moss

    My wife and I visited Leighton Moss RSPB on Saturday 23rd May and managed to tempt a few robins to take food from our hands. This is probably the clearest photo we got of one of them, it isn't easy trying to hold the camera in one hand while doing this and still getting it in focus etc.!
  • Media: A half-decent cuckoo pic

    It just would not turn around!!
  • Media: Odd woodpecker angle

    As it says. This bird had, just moments earlier, helped mob a Hobby trying to perch up in West Wood. You don't often see that!
  • Media: Moor hen mummy

    Our little moor hen mummy laying on six eggs xxx
  • Blog Post: Vote for Britain's National Bird

    I'm sure you've seen in the national media or on social media that a new vote has been launched this week to choose Britain's National Bird. The last time such a vote was held, in the 1960s, the robin was chosen, but it has never been officially recognised as such. More recently, in the 1990s...
  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: among the blossom

    As Kevin mentioned last week , spring is just about here - or very close. Yesterday I saw my first blackthorn blossom of the year. It was a cold, windy day, but seeing a few buds bursting reminded me of what's to come. I've read some reports of long-tailed tits starting to build their nests...
  • Forum Thread: Can anyone identify a bird by my description - please!!

    Hello. I am very new to the world of birds and bird watching. I live in Suffolk in a village. I recently saw a bird that I have never seen before in the garden and was actually taken aback by its size, I saw it again last week, so only seen it twice - with a month in between visits. I didn't have...
  • Media: Chough 1 by Hayley Baker

    Male 'Mousetrap' chough on sunflower seed feeder at South Stack
  • Media: Chough 5 by Hayley Baker

    Male 'Mousetrap' chough on sunflower seed feeder at South Stack
  • Media: Chough 4 by Hayley Baker

    Male 'Mousetrap' chough on sunflower seed feeder at South Stack
  • Media: Chough 3 by Hayley Baker

    Male 'Mousetrap' chough on sunflower seed feeder at South Stack
  • Media: Chough 2 by Hayley Baker

    Male 'Mousetrap' chough on sunflower seed feeder at South Stack
  • Forum Thread: Is there hope for this young woodpigeon?

    Hi everyone! Could you please take a look at this poor fellow and let me know if there's anything I can do to help! I've been feeding lots of birds on my balcony, smaller ones have their own hanging feeders; since the beginning of this Winter there've been up to 13 woodpigeons feeding...
  • Forum Thread: Can you please identify these birds?

    I was participating in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch when I saw this pair of birds at the end of my garden. They were about 150 feet away from where I was standing. Can you tell me what they are please?
  • Blog Post: Big Garden Birdwatch – Dramatis Personae (Part Two)

    The week of the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch is upon us! There is still time to register online for this weekend’s survey. Click the link at the bottom of this blog to get involved. Around half a million people across the UK took part in 2014 – with over 22,500 taking part...
  • Blog Post: Big Garden Birdwatch – Dramatis Personae (Part One)

    It’s that time of year again! The last of the turkey has been put in the freezer, ready for a turkey curry at some time in the future. The decorations have been put back up the attic for another year. The last few After Eight mints have been consumed over the weekend, and your body is readjusting...
  • Forum Thread: How long do homemade fat balls keep?

    Hi, I want to make some homemade fat balls as Christmas presents but am very new to this so have a few questions. I plan to use biscuit cutters to mould them into pretty shapes like hearts and stars, to hang with string. Do I refridgerate for about a day? Then would lard set hard enough to be able to...