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  • Forum Thread: Resident attacking birds and habitat - advice needed

    Location: St Pauls Park Bristol BS29JR, the Places For People (Housing Association) properties adjacent. There is a thriving bird community in the park and the gardens of the properties. One neighbour has been feeding the birds for years, I have been feeding them for less than a year. There are over...
  • Forum Thread: Lovely little fledgling, A baby goldfinch

    This was taken in my garden 6-6-16. there were 2 flapping calling to be fed, so cute.
  • Forum Thread: How Cute is this little one

    Was out walking in Chelmondiston today and I spotted this in a field, How cute.
  • Media: cuckoo cuckoo

    taken in a hurry as they don,t hang about
  • Forum Thread: Great Tits nesting in a (very tall) gate post - not sure if the chicks can get out...?

    Hello, I've just discovered a family of Great Tits nesting in a gate post. They enter through an old hole where the lock used to be, and dive about 1.5 metres down to the nest, which is right down at the base. I've managed to identify about 6 chicks inside, currently feathered but I think with...
  • Blog Post: Cardiff’s feathered friends – what they’re up to in May

    Guest blog by Gareth Stamp, City of Cardiff Council Park Ranger With the longer days and warmer weather, birds really only have one thing on their minds –finding their true love. Birds tend to be distracted at this time of year as they show off and argue with one another as they attract a mate...
  • Blog Post: Notes on nature: Rover and out

    Last month, you may remember that we told you all about a pair of robins that had decided to build their nest inside the dashboard of a vintage Land Rover. Well, like a proud father, I'm happy to report that the plucky pair successfully fledged five chicks from the interior of the fully-functional...
  • Forum Thread: HELP! URGENT! Coot/Moorhen eggs! How to incubate?

    There is a lake in my garden and lots of ducks, coots and moorhens have settled to breed. There are around 12 mallard ducklings already, which have been adopted by a coot funnily enough. They are living on a floating duck house we got a few years ago. The mother duck keeps going back there to try and...
  • Forum Thread: Identification help

    Red-footed falcon 5th may The bird about the size of a hobby or kestrel flew over the housing estate in Evesham. The flight was fast and direct and appeared to dive as it was lost from view. Not sure what it is RBA thought it was 'ok' for RF falcon but weren't 100% as the legs look yellower...
  • Forum Thread: The Indian hawk-cuckoo

    The Indian hawk-cuckoo is an uncommon bird of the Indian subcontinent.It uncannily resembles the residen bird of prey of the subcontinent,Shikra.It has a wide distrubition from Pakistan to Bangladesh.Some winter in Sri Lanka.Though normally it's uncommon,it can be locally common in some suburban...
  • Forum Thread: Hanging feeder with guard and tray

    I am looking for a hanging feeder that has a pigeon/squirrel guard, but which also has a solid tray(as wide as possible) inside the guard. All the ones I can find just have wire bottoms through which the food just falls to the floor.
  • Media: Tufted duck male

    A male tufted duck finally came close enough for clear shot at Leighton Moss.
  • Media: Gannet roost

    Taken on the 01/05/2016. Need to be opened to full to get the proper clours
  • Media: Starling perched

    Shot in Athens, Greece sometime back but it is one of the photos I like most.
  • Forum Thread: camera tips anyone?

    i am very new to the world of photographing birds and my camera is real good, its a canon powershot sx60 hs so if anyone uses 1 of these and has any advice for me or tips on using it id appreciate it alot thank you xx
  • Blog Post: Notes on nature: Snuggle up, it's nesting season...

    Spring has sprung and life’s all aflutter as wildlife gets busy preparing for the breeding season. You may have spotted birds in your garden flitting to and fro with nest material as they prepare for family life. Some opt for a traditional-style home, weaving twigs and moss into a neat cup...
  • Forum Thread: goldy again xx seeing them more often giving me chance to try for better shots xx

  • Forum Thread: Blackbird's Eggs

    Hi everyone I found 4 blackbird's eggs in a nest in my garden about a week or so ago but i haven't seen any blackbirds around that nest since then.I've noticed yesterday that of the egg is cracked and there is some yellowish-brownish liquid. Do you think that the birds will not hatch at all...
  • Media: Redpoll

    Found this chap at Calke Abbey
  • Forum Thread: new to taking pics and bird watching really xx all advice accepted x

    getting to really like taking pics of the visitors in our garden, not that good at it yet so my quality of pictures will vary.....1 day i get no good pics at all then there are days when i dont seem to do anythi else xxx
  • Forum Thread: What kind of goose/duck is this?

    Hi everyone! This has been confusing me for days now, so I hope you can help me finally identify what type of bird this is. It was much bigger than the mallard ducks in the lake, which led me to believe it was some kind of goose, but it had very "mallard-like" markings, that I've not seen...
  • Forum Thread: Is this a ....Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler?

    Hello.....once again hoping to help identify subjects of my photography. I've had people mention that the difference between a Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler can be hard to pick out. From what I have learnt before I was suspecting that this shot is of a Chiffchaff....I was going by the fact it has...
  • Media: Brambling

    I have since January this year photographed visitors to my garden. Now that I spend a whole day in my hide I have seen a lot of visitors and some I didn't think would visit.
  • Media: Anthus pratensis

    Meadow Pipit takes a breather! Taken yesterday evening. If labelled incorrectly please advise me. Thanks
  • Media: Short Eared preparing to dive on prey

    I have now noted the flight path of this owl on North Yorkshire's Moors and enjoy watching and trying to capture its movements.