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  • Forum Thread: Bittern Photo Taken at Minsmere.

    My Best Photo I was So pleased with this Photo, Bittern Taken at minsmere on Good Friday. 2016
  • Blog Post: Dungeness weekly update 27th May 2016

    What a busy week on the reserve! It’s been gull mania here with a glaucous gull seen today on Burrowes pit by Makepeace hide and a laughing gull seen there yesterday too! Another sea bird highlight this week was the gull-billed tern, spotted over Burrowes on Sunday. Other bird highlights...
  • Forum Thread: My Swallow Migration Animation!

    Hello all! Seeing as the swallows have come back or comming back from Africa from their great migraion, here is my animation in contribution to their return! Any feedback would be awesome, but if not, sit back and enjoy the short video! If the attached link doesn't work, you can use this one https...
  • Blog Post: Poster: Recent sightings, 9th - 20th May 2016

  • Blog Post: Weekly update 20th May

    The reserve is alive with the sights, sounds and smells of summer! All we need now is the hot, cloudless days to go with it. Swifts, swallows, sand martins and hobbies all race through the air above our heads as we walk the trail. Our gorgeous yellow flag iris is out now attracting a variety of bees...
  • Blog Post: Five facts you should know about nuthatches

    Five facts you should know about nuthatches Nuthatches were once restricted largely to south-eastern England but, during the 20th century, they started spreading north. Nuthatches started breeding regularly in Scotland only in 1989. If you have them visiting your garden, or you've seen them at...
  • Blog Post: Early May sightings

    2nd May. Rained during the morning. Sunshine and showers after lunch. Male Bullfinch put in an appearance to brighten up the day . . . . . . with a female close behind. MP reported: " 70 Black-tailed Godwits viewable from the hide - a bit distant but looking superb despite the...
  • Blog Post: Notes on nature: Rover and out

    Last month, you may remember that we told you all about a pair of robins that had decided to build their nest inside the dashboard of a vintage Land Rover. Well, like a proud father, I'm happy to report that the plucky pair successfully fledged five chicks from the interior of the fully-functional...
  • Forum Thread: HELP! URGENT! Coot/Moorhen eggs! How to incubate?

    There is a lake in my garden and lots of ducks, coots and moorhens have settled to breed. There are around 12 mallard ducklings already, which have been adopted by a coot funnily enough. They are living on a floating duck house we got a few years ago. The mother duck keeps going back there to try and...
  • Blog Post: Dungeness update 13th May

    Today our eyes and ears of the reserve scouted a black necked grebe showing breeding behaviour on Burrowes pit and a red kite flying over Denge Marsh. I was out on the reserve today, checking our trails and hides. I was lucky enough to spot a sedge warbler and had fantastic views of common and black...
  • Blog Post: How did nature do in the elections?

    The election results are in and the new MSPs are gathering in Holyrood. How did nature and the environment do? They didn’t grab the headlines, but in numerous hustings across Scotland organised by RSPB Scotland, Environment Link and our partners, candidates were put through their paces. The Hustings...
  • Media: Starlings in the Sunset I

    Black and sunlit - a pure delight of colours.
  • Media: Starling Sunset I

    Starlings over the mere.
  • Forum Thread: Starling Galore

    I love starlings; they are beautiful, bright and often underrated. I was sorting my ever so messy photos directory and thought I'd share some starling shots as their breeding season is now well on the way in the UK and we are soon to see fledglings hoping about (last year we had over 40 birds in...
  • Media: Starling Sunset II

    Stunning evening displays.
  • Media: Starling Sunset

    Stunning evening displays.
  • Media: Starlings in the Sunset II

    Strophylia reserve, Greece.
  • Media: Starling Sunset III

    Probably the best place in the world to photograph the flocks in a stunning sunset setting is Strophylia reserve. Over 80000 birds put on traffic stopping displays over the mere.
  • Media: Are you taking MY photo?

    A little curious poser in Sale Water Park.
  • Media: Top performer

    This beautiful and very friendly starling lives in the small carpark in Castle O'burrian. Show times are in the evening, for every visitor arriving in the carpark.
  • Media: Kingfisher with catch

    A beautiful male kingfisher enjoys his fish.
  • Media: Kingfisher with catch

    A lovely male whom I've been observing for a while enjoys a freshly caught fish.
  • Blog Post: Enjoyable walk on the farm - 1st May 2016

    In spite of continuing inclement weather, the temperature is improving gradually. Today was a point in case: rain all morning and drizzle most of the afternoon! Birds didn't seem to mind however, and were out in force. A strong SW wind was blowing but the Lonning hedges provided good shelter and...
  • Media: In between dives

    Dive and dive again. Kingfisher landing after an unsuccessful dive.
  • Media: Kingfisher portrait (female)

    Patrolling territory.