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Results for calendar 2013
  • Media: bee on horsechestnut

    A bee on a horsechestnut tree in Alexandra Park Crosby
  • Media: Fulmar

    This fulmar posed brilliantly for the camera at the Scottish Sea bird centre in North Berwick.
  • Media: Janets Foss, Malham, Yorkshire Dales

    Photograph of Janets Foss Waterfall, near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales.
  • Media: Good to be alive!

    Simple pleasures are often the best! Crisp winters morning, bright blue sky with a robin singing sweetly from the treetops. Add in a nice walk around Fairburn Ings in West Yorkshire and what more do you want.
  • Media: Leap against the odds

    Salmon attempting to leap upstream on the River Ribble at Stainforth Force in The Yorkshire Dales. I spent several hours watching these wonderfully athletic fish, trying to achieve what seems like and impossible leap up a raging waterfall. But make it many do, and if you stay long enough, you will...
  • Media: Leaping Salmon

    Salmon leaping into the brackish fast flowing waters of the River Ribble at Stainforth Force in the Yorkshire Dales.
  • Media: Snow covered Birkin Chuch, North Yorkshire

    St Mary's Church, Birkin, North Yorkshire in the snow. Its a beautiful old Norman Church which looks beautiful all year round. I took advantage of a fairly substantial snow fall to grab this photograph. Birkin is a small village just inside the North Yorkshire border near Selby.
  • Media: Gatekeeper Butterfly

    The Gatekeeper is identified by the two tiny white spots in the black spot on the forewings. I photographed this one while on holiday at Somerset.
  • Media: Ducks on Bassenthwaite Lake

    Cumbria has got to be one of the prettiest places on earth, this was a dismal day so I thought I would take the photo in black & white.
  • Media: Baby Blackbirds

    I regularly have the blackbirds nest in the garden and for once she nested just the right height for me to take this photograph.
  • Media: Exmoor pony

    While on holiday in Somerset you have to find the exmoor ponies, this one posed for me. Beautiful animals.
  • Media: Meadow Brown Butterfly

    I photographed this beautiful Meadow Brown in Somerset while on holiday.
  • Media: Squirrel

    I took this photo while at Thetford Forest, I liked it's pose.
  • Media: Mallards having a chat!

    I was walking by the River Tiffey when I took this photo of the mallards looking like they are having a nice chat.
  • Media: Ashness Bridge

    Ashness bridge near Borrowdale in Cumbria, Derwent water in the background.
  • Media: Peacock Butterfly

    At the end of our garden we have some laurels and I noticed the butterfly taking nectar from the flowers; I couldn't resist taking some photographs.
  • Media: Black-headed Gulls

    We were out walking by Derwent Water when I got some nice photos of some black-headed gulls.
  • Media: Derwent Water

    While on holiday in our caravan, staying at Low Manesty Caravan Club site, this is the scenery you see when you go for a short walk. Beautiful place, I love the Lake District.
  • Media: Chaffinch

    Taken whilst visiting Nidderdale in North Yorkshire. A chaffinch sat and posed for me
  • Media: Lunch on a dandelion

    Taken in back garden in Chopwell
  • Media: Honesty

    sunny day in garden at Chopwell
  • Media: Three Stooges!

    taken at home in Denby Dale. I found these three woodpidgeons a little amusing.
  • Media: 3 Sparrows on a wall near

    On a recent holiday in St Ives in Cornwall we spotted these 3 perky Sparrows sitting on the sea wall.
  • Media: Birch Shield Bug

    Every year I spot these Shield Bugs in my garden on the outskirts of Bristol. They have such character and can look almost prehistoric. The best part is they remain really still when you photograph them! The lime green of its armour was in perfect contrast to the golden marigold it was sat on.
  • Media: share a lift home

    taken by 15 year old eleanor leonne bennett. two snails sharing a lift.