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  • Blog Post: Early summer mornings on the Moss

    An insight into one of my early morning walks around the reserve... One of my favourite things about summer is the opportunity to get up early and explore the reserve before work. Dawn really is a magical time at Leighton Moss when the reedbed explodes to life as sunlight creeps across the landscape...
  • Forum Thread: Fowlmere

    Fowlmere is my nearest but sadly not most visited nature reserve. I visited the Sunday before last and was delighted with what I found. The reserve looked lovely and the picnic place looked so much better than before but oh how I wish we could have a proper toilet block, just a small one would be wonderful...
  • Blog Post: Recent sightings: Midsummer sightings

    With summer arriving in full bloom, we’ve had another great week of recent sightings at Fairburn. From snipe to redshank, sandpiper to goosander, the wildlife at Fairburn has been in full bloom. Green sandpiper, Chris Gomersall ( There have been both common sandpiper and...
  • Blog Post: Bumper Baby Boom

    Evening all ... firstly apologies for the lack of blog posts from me of late - so much to do and not enough hours in the day... So what has been going on on the wildlife front? Well, spring is on the wane and despite the recent drop in temperature and a cool northerly wind, the marsh is moving...
  • Blog Post: Kingfishers Fledging... 24 May 2016

    Hi everyone, Just a quick message - we've had reports that the kingfishers are fledging! We'll let you know when we know more! Kingfisher at Rainham Marshes by Tom Bell

    Spotted 14 May 2016 along the bank of river Tame. Quite a few Kingfisher's are nesting. We spotted at least 3 individuals
  • Blog Post: A confusion of Seasons!

    As I write this up it is on a day when we have seen everything from hail, snow and now sunshine, truly a mixed bag of weather for the end of April. It is also an interesting time for the birds, we now have all the expected summer migrants here (including pied flycatchers, redstarts, wood warblers, willow...
  • Media: Kingfisher with catch

    A beautiful male kingfisher enjoys his fish.
  • Media: Kingfisher with catch

    A lovely male whom I've been observing for a while enjoys a freshly caught fish.
  • Media: What's that?

    Kingfisher spotting movement in the water.
  • Media: Female Kingfisher

    Landing on one of her favourite perches.
  • Media: Back to my perch

    Kingfisher landing between dives.
  • Media: In between dives

    Dive and dive again. Kingfisher landing after an unsuccessful dive.
  • Media: Kingfisher portrait (female)

    Patrolling territory.
  • Media: Kingfisher I

    Something caught my attention (semi intensive look)
  • Blog Post: A Dawn Chorus Experience

    Well well well! This May's Dawn chorus got off to a flying start with 56 different species seen and heard throughout the reserve. For those bold enough to brave the early start, the walk was a fantastic opportunity for people such as myself to brush up on their bird song! The walk began with some...
  • Blog Post: Hello to Rachel, our new visitor intern!

    Hello all! This is my first blog as the new visitor experience intern at Fairburn Ings. My name is Rachel and I have committed to volunteering here for the next six months. I am looking forward to getting stuck in and sharing my experiences with you over this period. I am originally from Essex and...
  • Blog Post: What a Grey Day....

    What a difference a day makes...Increasing southerly wind and temperatures that felt a lot lower than yesterday resulted in a quarter of the footfall today but the change in wind direction did spice things up a little as we had hoped with six tiny little Sand Martins careening through with the wind up...
  • Blog Post: Comings and Goings

    Come on Spring! Pull your finger out! Today it almost happened... the air was warmer, the sun came out unexpectedly and there was no breeze or hardly any clouds. The hoped for sprinkle of migrants never happened and we are still awaiting our first Wheatear, Sand Martin and Little Ringed Plover but some...
  • Blog Post: Recent Bird Sightings - February/March 2016

    The big story so far of 2016 has undoubtedly been the very early return of a little ringed plover. First spotted on Monday 22 February, it was the first to be seen in the Midlands and possibly the whole of the UK. This is the earliest, by far, that one has reached us, normally arriving around mid March...
  • Blog Post: The first week in March....

    Apologies for the paucity of 'recent sightings' type blogs of late. Been a bit bogged down with other stuff so here is a little summary of some of the current highlights. Winter is morphing slowly into spring and although the weather has not changed to any noticeable degree, there has been...
  • Media: Kingfisher, Fowlmere - 27 August 2015

  • Media: Kingfisher at Fen hide

    Female Kingfisher at Fen Hide
  • Blog Post: Sunny half-term sightings

    I can't believe how fantastic the weather is at the moment - just in time for half-term. Why not bring your family along to have a go at our Giving Nature a Home self-led trail as well as lots of other exciting activities in The Holt. We've got plenty of wonderful wildlife for you to come and...
  • Blog Post: For love of Fairburn - Kate

    Cupid will be hard at work this weekend and since 'tis the season, several of the staff here on the reserve have decided to share just what it is about Fairburn they love so much. Here is our Visitor Operations Manager, Kate: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3<3 <3 <3...