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    I sat by the river,the world passing me by.When this little chap appeared.He sat for a moment,looked over at me.Then he was gone. This moment lasted for seconds but to me it felt like hours! I kept smiling for the rest of the day.
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    While leaning over a small stone bridge early one morning I was privileged to see a pair of Kingfishers dart along the surface of the river, as I was spotted the cautious one left the formation and veered off over the bank, I was left motionless.
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    I was just standing at the kitchen window when I saw a flash of blue, then to my delight a kingfisher landed not 4 feet away on a solar ball, after what seemed an age it flew off up stream.
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    We were walking through a car park near the Thames and my 11 year old daughter yelled, "A Kingfisher!" Sure enough a kingfisher had landed near us. We watched him dive for fish. I was so happy that she had spotted him and knew he was special!
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    At Leighton Moss yesterday, a flash of jewelled brilliance darting to and fro over the water, it then perched in a waterside tree to give us an amazing view of this little beauty. A kingfisher. The first we had ever seen. It was magic, pure magic.
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    A flash of blue on a bright cold day's walk on a nearby canal. Yes - unmistakeably a kingfisher. AND -my husband managed to get a shot of it. It may not win prizes, but the beauty of a kingfisher never fails to lift our spirits.
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    Just recently i saw my first Kingfisher, at first it was a flash of blue and as i stood looking he came to rest on a fence about 25 metres from me . we surveyed each other for only a matter of minutes but the feeling made me smile all day.
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    We were walking on the sea wall at Keyhaven on the Hampshire coast. Suddenly there was a streek of fast moving electric blue. "There up there" I cried, pointing to the kingfisher hovering above a pool in the sea marsh. It was magical.
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    A warm winters sun caught the rust coloured feathers and I stood tranfixed. Amazing, seeing a kingfisher suspended above the water, a moment before diving in. Delight as he resurfaced perching in the nearby bramble bush,then a flash of blue and gone.
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    The sight of the iridescent kingfisher with its sparkly royal blue and orange plumage sitting motionless for 40 minutes on a pole in a muddy lake at the Rye Meads reserve made my birthday special! All thanks to my lovely girlfriend who took me there
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    Glancing out of the window at my gym recently I saw a flash of electric blue.It was a kingfisher darting into the river Stort. I watched it for 5 or 10 minutes as It perched nearby,occasionally diving into the water. I was amazed & elated to see it
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    A flash of kingfisher blue by a Cotswolds stream as I drove some US visitors near Guiting Power. Gone before I could tell anyone else - but magical, and I'm sure my tour commentary improved as aresult!
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    A kingfisher flew into my mum's patio door, I held it in my hands for 10 minutes until it had recovered enough to fly off. What an amazing experience. I'd never even seen a kingfisher before, what a stunningly beautiful bird and what an honour.
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    A familiar walk along a Leeds canal turned into a day to remember. The briefest flash of the brightest blue, a tiny splash out the corner of my eye, heartbeat all a flutter - at last, my first Kingfisher!
  • Blog Post: Kingfishers rule!

    Kingfishers on the Lagan (Photograph by Lagan Valley Regional Park) I’ve learned a lot since I started volunteering at the RSPB, with special responsibility for meandering through the Lagan Valley Regional Park and reporting what I see (no great hardship!) But one of the first things I discovered...
  • Blog Post: From Baltic to Balmy

    What a rollercoaster ride! Since my last blog it's been very busy along the Lagan. (Apologies for such a long gap, but snow, ice, weather-related fender benders and winter doldrums clipped my wings a bit!) Usually the bleak midwinter is a quiet time, especially for birds, but not this year. Not...
  • Blog Post: This weekend... mess about on the river

    In the classic children's book The Wind in the Willows, Mole, Ratty and Mr Toad like nothing more than spending a leisurely summer's day messing about on the river. So this Bank Holiday weekend, rather than fighting for a place to lay your towel on the beach, why not take a leaf out of their...
  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: splash and dash

    Well, it doesn't look like we're going to see much, if any, sun this week. So I thought I'd bring you a splash of colour for today's Monday moment. And what better than a kingfisher ! Danny Green snapped this frankly stunning image of a male about to zoom off to a nearby branch for...
  • Blog Post: Messing about on the river

    Mr Toad loved messing about on the river in Kenneth Grahame’s classic ‘The Wind in the Willows’ and I would love to have joined him and his friends. You see, I’ve grown up in a watery landscape, so I absolutely adore rivers. I’ve travelled along rivers on five continents...
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    This little chap was taken on a boat trip on the north Broads Norfolk, Ant river. Spent the first couple of hours enjoying the trip but hoping to see one and then. this was my first sight of him (I must of taken 50 shots after this one) a very nice moment. I eventually got within ten feet of him,...
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    A male Kingfisher takes a dip
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    Taken near Twyford, Reading. I'd never had the pleasure of seeing a kingfisher despite looking at lots of places that say to look out for them when I came across this one while out for a winters walk. Luckily I had my camera with me and he flew close enough to get this shot which I really like.
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