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    Deep in Mid-Wales I remembered how simple a pleasure just being in nature is. It was the look on my son's face that summed it up.
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    Red kites everywhere! As these fork-tailed master flyers soared above my head I was completely lost in their world. It made me remember the power that nature has, and how it makes everything else seem insiginificant. Breath taking!
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    A gorgeous red breasted robin in full song. It was a glorious way to start our nature ramble.
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    My Wife and I were walking along our local canal tow path when we noticed an adult Robin perched on the branch of a tree less than 4 feet away. That beautiful little bird enthralled us for a good twenty minutes with it's lovely song and it's company.
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    Kung Fu Sparrows.Two sparrows in the next doors garden fighting over peanut feeder. Great to watch all these litte birds in your garden as lets all the worries slip away for a while. Amazing site to watch if you take the time.
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    This is the Robin that's nested in the Ivy on our Garden Fence and in full view! and it is Amazing to watch them coming and going feeding their babies,and being such good parents!! We feel very privileged to have them here,
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    Here's a photo of the Robin Chicks on our Garden Fence, I was very careful as to not disturb them when I took the photo, they are so beautiful.
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    Even cats are doing the nature count in Aberdeen
  • Media: 2930

    Even cats are doing the nature count in Aberdeen
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    Dramatic June evening sky!
  • Blog Post: Creatures in distress

    Over the past week, two news stories stuck out for me. In Argyll a couple came to the aid of a baby otter , flooded out of its home by the rain, and effectively saved its life. In contrast to this lone vulnerable baby, a pod of mighty killer whales were the concern of Canadian residents as they...
  • Blog Post: Frogs: A tough adolescence

    Over the bank holiday weekend I was back home and as the pond sat dilapidated in my parents' garden, swamped with duckweed I was commanded to address the situation; my brother was quick point out I work for a charity that does ‘nature and stuff’. That I work mostly behind a desk didn’t...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: the herald of spring

    It's perhaps a bit premature to get excited about spring when the snow has barely melted but the brave pioneers of the perennial world are now poking their foliage into the world. The sight of new growth is very welcome after months in the barren freeze of winter. Here are some February snow...
  • Blog Post: This weekend...natural decorations

    Add that extra sparkle to your home and show-off your creativity and skills to friends and family this weekend. Nature has an abundance of materials that with little effort can be transformed into unique decorations. Over a couple of quick lunchtime walks around the The Lodge this week, I've...
  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: springtime underwater

    I was reminded by a soft splash in my garden pond that the spring is here for our aquatic wildlife too. Frogs, toads and fish like these minnows ( Phoxinus phoxinus ) are all using our fresh water habitats to breed, although probably not in the same places, frog spawn tends to get eaten when there...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 24

    Hurray! It's 1 December, snow is falling and Christmas in on the ho-ho-horizon. To get in the spirit, we're starting this virtual advent calendar - 24 posts counting down the days to Christmas and celebrating the beauty of nature in winter. Join us every day as we open another calendar door to...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: an otter blowing a raspberry

    That's what it looks like, doesn't it? These usually elusive animals are hard to capture on camera, but this one, snapped by Niall Benvie, is in a wildlife centre. I think it's a great picture to bring a smile to your face on a Monday morning - let us know if you agree below. You can find...
  • Blog Post: We should all go on a woodland walk!

    It seems I should listen to my brain more often! According to a recent study from researchers at Heriot-Watt University a stroll in a leafy wood or park has a calming effect and lessens stress. This probably shouldn't really come as such a surprise to me. Working in the grounds of a woodland...
  • Blog Post: This weekend... catch a leaf

    With that windy spell the other week some trees have already yielded their annual leaf crop to the elements. But look out for the next batch: birch , beech and oak leaves will soon be falling and if you go to a wooded area near by you can either just enjoy the sight of leaves in the breeze, or you can...
  • Blog Post: Floor flora

    We got one day, one glorious day this week when you thought 'spring... I remember that'. On that day I managed to have a walk through The Lodge reserve on a lunch break. Sitting on the edge of the old quarry among spongy plants, and looking over a distant view of train lines and pylons I felt...
  • Blog Post: A walk on the wild side

    Like so many other people, my interest in birds stems from watching them in my village garden when I was a kid. I spent hours and hours glued to the window, seeing what was coming and going. I hung feeders on the washing line, much to my mum's annoyance. Blue tits , blackbirds , robins , house...
  • Blog Post: Neglected by people, valuable to nature

    Brownfield land refers to those places that humans have developed but then left to ruin. While they might look far from ideal habitat, many species thrive here in people’s absence. There are examples everywhere and I’m sure you can think of a derelict building nearby with weeds and fast...
  • Blog Post: Nature: a healthy addiction

    Some are lucky enough to be bitten by the wildlife bug early on, so to speak, but I stumbled across an interesting example of someone acquiring a fascination with nature as an adult. Based in Singapore Francis Ooi went running in the woods near his home to escape the hustle and bustle of his urban...
  • Blog Post: Tuesday's Magic Moment: rock or tree?

    It doesn't take much imagination to view this exposed wood grain as an aerial image of Arizona . However these "craters and mountains" don't chronicle rock formation but the slow and uneven growth of the common oak ( Quercus robur ) Malcolm Hunt brought us this unusual perspective...
  • Media: First day out

    The first bluetit out of the box in our garden