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  • Media: sika female 13,3,2010

  • Media: Colour co-ordinated!

    A Greenfinch blending into the background on the Heath.
  • Media: Shipstal

    On a lovely sunny day, it was the perfect view, and then a group of birds flew perfectly into my shot for me. I couldn't resist!!
  • Media: Sika Stag

    A stag enjoying the spring sunshine at Arne reserve.
  • Media: Spider & Web

    One of the many eight-legged friends that live in the gorse bushes. Fantastic colours and markings.
  • Media: Deer at Arne

    Taken from the boardwalk just past the hide at Arne.
  • Media: Twisted!

    Not 'classic Arne' and a bit arty-farty, I know, but doesn't it just show how amazing nature is! It's incredible what you can find!
  • Media: Arne Tearoom and Toy Museum

    The tearoom (and toy museum) at Arne on a beautiful spring day.
  • Media: Hurry Up Deer

    Taken on 2nd Jan 2011, This was one of several deer that were spooked by some other photographers, the deer were jumping over the boardwalk which they didn't seem too keen to step on . I got the sense of speed by lowering the film speed to 125 ISO and panning to follow the subject. Hope you like...
  • Media: Surprised deer in Arne Nature Reserve

    Whilst walking through Arne Nature Reserve I tried to capture images of the deer.
  • Media: Raindrop Robin

    Seen at Arne on a very soggy day just after the ice & snow had thawed.
  • Media: Nuthatch

  • Media: Goldcrest

    A fleeting chance seized in the heart of the woodland. Taken mid-morning on Tursday, 11th January 2011.
  • Media: your nuts

  • Media: Thunderous Osprey

    Wild osprey (Pandion haliaetus) with freshly caught bass on the salt marshes of Poole Harbour at Arne. 13/09/10. The result of 3 weeks' preparation and one remarkable hour. 'Picture Arne' competition entry Photo © Dom Greves Canon EF 100-400mm | 1/200 sec @ f/8.0, ISO 100...
  • Media: Nuthatch wedging nut in tree

    Seen in the wooded area of Arne, just before the new finch trail. It was so Amazing and I feel so lucky to have actually seen a nuthatch wedging a nut in the tree bark and then hammering at it like a woodpecker.
  • Media: Robin

    I love Robins, and sometimes they seem a bit over looked, I love watching them and hearing them singing
  • Media: Dark skies, happy memories

    Even on the most bleak and grey-est of days, Bonio pond can still ooze an eerie sense of mystery
  • Media: I know your'e down there!

    A Little Egret makes a splash as it a strikes for it's prey on Shipstal beach.
  • Media: Rain over the Hills

    Rain sweeping over the hills around Arne as seen from Shipstal beach
  • Media: Blue Tit Heaven

    Taken on 2nd January 2011 through the veiwing window at the visitor centre. I have posted this shot because it is the best photo I have taken of a blue tit and illusrtates the excellent fascility that shows off these busy little birds to visitors, especially children.
  • Media: Nuthatch At Home

    Nuthatch At Home
  • Media: Arne

  • Media: Fishing With Style

    This wonderful little Egret was fishing just along the shoreline on Shipstal Beach . He was not concerned in the slightest that I was only feet away taking photos
  • Media: Soaring Marsh Harrier