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    Every winter a little robin comes to the garden. he protects his territory from other visiting robins and spends time sitting in my shrubs. he is a welcome sight. He teases my husky which amuses us all at no20. A regular visitor to my bird table.
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    Looking out of the window I saw robin as i put out grated cheese for him at dusk. He appears when the rest of the birds go to bed. Then, he had a bath. What a site in the setting sun, splishing and splashing, the water glistening like diamonds
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    The late afternoon sun glistening on Autumn's golden leaves. Overhead, a flock of geese, calling, searching for a night time roost. A solitary robin singing the day's grand finale.
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    A robin sitting on the garden fence waiting for dinner.
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    Sometimes it's the small things that make life worthwhile! A close encounter with this cheeky robin brings as big a smile to my face as seeing an exotic visitor. Fantastic!
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    A morning walk at Fort Augustus brought us to an old cemetery, close to the hills. The only sound was birdsong. A woodpecker drumming and a cuckoo calling, joined by song thrushes, robins, blackbirds and warblers. Unforgettable, absolutely priceless!
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    A gorgeous red breasted robin in full song. It was a glorious way to start our nature ramble.
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    On my walks I take a bag of mixed seed and chopped currents and nuts, I put the mix on posts or in tree branch forks. Robins, chaffinces, blackbirds etc are so used to me they wait in anticipation for the supplement to there daily diet.
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    haiku - pretty robin, red - perching on the garden fork - waits for squirming worms
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    i was doing some gardening, pruning the hedge, roses etc.. a little robin had been flying around me all morning but he came and perched on the branch i was sawing right next to my hand he then sang to me for a while then flew around me before he went
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    I love Robins and when I saw this one, I thought, Wow!, it was perfectly framed with the tree branches. I thought about my nanny and how she loved Robins when she was alive.
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    Arrived at Titchwell Marshes & ended up giving most of my packed lunch to the Robin which alighted on my hand - amazing! After a great day bird watching imagine my complete elation at seeing a Barn Owl 6 feet from the car pulling out of the carpark!
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    My friendly Robin visits every morning for his fix of meal worms and thistle seeds. He appeared just after I left a handful of fresh food out for him as it was thick frost this morning. I love that he returns every day.
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    I volunteered for the RSPB for a week at the beautifull Lake Vyrnwy Reserve and took some great photos of the lake and wildlife to keep as a perminent reminder of the amazing and wonderfull world we live in.
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    Today I spotted a very unusual Robin in my garden. It had cream wings and tail, but otherwise traditional colouring. The other Robins were, as usual, aggresively defending their patch, so I am worried that the new comer will not return.
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    A little robin lay stunned in the garden. Quickly locking the dogs away, my sister picked up the robin and allowed it to recover in safety. After a few minutes it flew away to a nearby bush. A magical moment.
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    My dad had recently passed away.We were going to his favourite lake to scatter his ashes.He had mentioned the robins were very friendly there. I was delighted this cold, bitter day a friendly robin joined us,actually landing on my leg!Dad was with me
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    One of the robins at my local nature reserve flew onto my hand for some birdseed. He was so light. Just the faintest tickle of his claws. And so trusting. A magical moment. I photographed him afterwards on the ground waiting for more food.
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    During the snow we had the last couple of days, we went out and cleared out the bird feeders and afterwards, a robin came down to thank us. This made me feel happy to help the birds. We have lots of birds in our garden inclusing a pair of Black Caps
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    This dear little robin was singing for his supper as we had ours after a great day at Titchwell.
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    Rocky our star. Funny really, but when he's not around something is missing, but we need not worry. A solitary silhoutte appears before our eyes, he lands on the fence, bows, and once again accepts his responsibility to guard his terrority.
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    I'm sure many have pictures of robins. This one was in the maze at Hampton court palace. it just sat there and looked at me and my kids. It possed for a while and allowed me to take this picture. It was amazing as it just sat and stared at us.
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    My Wife and I were walking along our local canal tow path when we noticed an adult Robin perched on the branch of a tree less than 4 feet away. That beautiful little bird enthralled us for a good twenty minutes with it's lovely song and it's company.
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    This year for the 1st time, we have 2 pairs of robins nesting in our gardens. We have 1 pair in our front hedge & the other in 1 of our nest boxes. There are at least 2 chicks in the next box. We have been watching them coming to the feeders all day.
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    As a girl of about 12years I was having a picnic with my parents in Kew Gardens. It was Summer and I had kicked off my sandals. As I sat on the grass, a robin came and perched on my big toe. I felt so privileged and thrilled.