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  • Forum Reply: RE: Back garden Robins (especially for Paul)

    7th February: More robins for you Paul (MC) ......... Windy afternoon ! ............
  • Forum Thread: More Happy Twarbling (Video)

  • Forum Thread: Happy Robins...

    Filmed yesterday.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Your best photos for the month of January 2016

    Unsurprisingly, mine are all Robins... Mrs BR takes a bath HTR chasing off an intruder HTR and Mrs BR foraging together...
  • Forum Thread: Where's Boyo the robin?

    Hi, I've joined this forum in the hope of knowing what might have happened to a robin I befriended. Last summer while gardening, a young robin introduced itself to me. I thought that as it was tame it must have been a boy and so named him 'Boyo'. After a few months of Boyo spending a...
  • Forum Thread: Something beginning with "T"

    A new day, a new reserve and a new bird for the list ! Yesterday, we received our permits for Deeside Naturalist Society Reserve which is situated on the Welsh side of the Dee Estuary on the working Connah's Quay Power Station site managed by EON. We set off at silly o'clock and drove approx...
  • Blog Post: Bittern undisturbed

    We were concerned that clearing the reeds in the ditches at the weekend might have upset 'our' bittern, but we needn't have worried. As the boats chugged around the reedbed we thought it might be flushed out, but there was no sign of it. Indeed, I thought it might have gone elsewhere during...
  • Forum Thread: WWW = Woodpecker, Wagtail and Wild !

    Boy, was it blowing a hooley today but it did seem to bring the birds in to the feeders - maybe blown off course lol We had a flock of 10 Siskins in flight this morning, 6 Goldfinch, 3 Greenfinch, 5 Long Tailed Tits, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Robin, Bullfinches, Blackbirds and Wilma Wagtail;...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Robin 'throat' singing?

    Here's a video clip from 2012 of one of my Robins doing the exact same thing. You will often find Robins twittering away like this. Over the years I have heard several juveniles doing this as their early attempts at song. Young Male Blackbirds do the same thing and to a point they also sound like...
  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings: Smew, Siskin and Snow!

    The Big Garden Birdwatch Lounge is thrumming with activity. Those two nuthatch have been busy at the feeders, we have also had a reed bunting, bullfinch and a siskin sat almost within touching distance of the visitor centre windows. Beyond the balcony a flock of around 20 siskin were spotted in the...
  • Forum Thread: Robin 'throat' singing?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've got a robin coming to my London garden who is, of course, very friendly. I named him Gary. Now, he often sits out there singing away, but with his mouth closed, like 'throat' singing (see video link attached). Why is he doing this? Is...
  • Blog Post: Nature never sleeps (as a wise man once said!)

    The last of the coppicing was completed yestersday, so I promise this will be the last time I mention it, well until next year anyway I promise. Look at this lovely old oak. How pleased she must be to be relieved of all that annoying scrub around her. Like parasites dragging her down making her struggle...
  • Media: Robin Red Breast Singing

    One of our favourite birds, the Robin singing is heart out on a cold January day in 2016.
  • Media: Robin all Puffed Up.

    Red Robin all puffed up trying to keep warm on a cold January day in 2016
  • Media: Red Robin

    Red Robin what a delightful fellow.
  • Media: Red Robin Deep In Thought.

    Red Robin deep in thought is such a delightful bird associated with winter.
  • Media: Inqisitive Red Robin

    Red Robin looking inquisitive is such a delightful bird associated with winter.
  • Forum Thread: Oh Dear...

    This morning I had the delightful experience of witnessing Courtship Feeding between HTR and Mrs BR. What made it even more amazing was that they landed on the wall within arms length of me before the little ritual began. I could have patted them on the head they were so close. I was actually in the...
  • Media: at the back of the visitor centre

    a very helpful robin posing on the shutters of the visitor centre windows
  • Forum Thread: Some Robins...

    I spent much of the day digging up part of the patio and naturally the paving slabs had odd little grubs and insects on the underside of them. These proved irresistible to HTR and Mrs BR, who both followed me around whenever I brought a new slab to the end of the garden. Indeed I almost stepped on Mrs...
  • Media: Ragged Robin

    Robin,in the woods
  • Forum Thread: Mrs BR & HTR 10-01-16 (Video)

    Mrs BR takes a quick bath and while she's drying off, HTR appears from behind the flowering currant and seems surprised that she's there, almost flying into her! Maybe he thought she was another Robin?
  • Forum Thread: OCMcG

    I had to go into work for a few hours this morning and OCMcG was waiting for me when I arrived. To be precise, he was waiting for the little tub of mealies that I had with me, but that's splitting hairs lol
  • Forum Thread: A Short Video Clip Of HTR

    A short clip of HTR twittering in the tree next door. Unfortunately, the Ferals got into a flap about something (nothing new there!) and HTR dived for cover. Nice little clip, including some interesting noises. HTR was also trying to deal with a particularly persistent tick by the looks of it!
  • Forum Thread: HTR In The Holly Tree (Video)