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    AT the lodge one day and it was taken from the hide. The woodpecker is a common sight, but they still always fasinate me. It's almost as if he was posing for me!
  • Forum Thread: A Warm Welcome to Kate Humble!!

    I am truly elated to hear that Kate Humble is the new RSPB President and would like to pass on my congratulations! Whilst this is marvellous news and very well deserved, I just hope it doesn't interfere with her work as a presenter on the Beeb's marvellous Springwatch & Autumnwatch programmes...
  • Forum Thread: Newbie from N ireland says Hi!

    Just joined RSBP since moving from my 2 bedroom flat, after getting married to Paul, into a 3 bedroom bungalow on the outskirts of town, garden backing onto a deep glen with lots of trees and wildlife, birds, squirrels and lofty pines. So we set up a whiryline and hung the bird feeders on it (We had...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Hello everybody in the RSPB community.

    Thanks again Claire. The reason is I am heartbroken because of what happened to my almost 5 months old seagull I saved when blown out of its nest, I named the baby seagull Wee, for little freedom, and I nursed Wee from only 3 days old baby seagull. Wee accepted me as the foster parent, visited me every...
  • Forum Thread: Most popular RSPB reserves?

    Hi everyone.! I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a project I am doing. I'm basically after a list of the most popular RSPB nature reserves. Does anyone have one or know where I could get hold of one? Thanks.
  • Forum Thread: Hi From Rainham

    Hi Everyone My name is Dave and I have been volunteering at Rainham Marshes for a couple of years now and must say it is a great place to be. A reserve that is so unique that it has something for everyone, not just for birders. Come along and have a look sometime, everyone is welcome and will have...
  • Forum Thread: Yay I is here!

    Hiya Fellow Birders, just wanted to introduce myself as I have just joined up! Well my name is Phillip Dews and i have been birding since the age of 10 so about 27 years! I am also a website developer and self employed! I also have a new project going on that's a personal project of mine called...
  • Forum Thread: Hello - and a thank you to staff at Old Moor

    Hi all, I've just joined this forum having started birding 6 months ago (comparatively late in life). I've been visiting Old Moor in the Dearne Valley regularly over that time, and I have to say that with each visit I feel more and more that it's becoming a spiritual home - I feel totally...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Phill The Birder here from Sutton Coldfield, How is everyone?

    Hey All, Just wanted to say thanks for all your welcomes! Means a Lot! This place is great! so glad the RSPB upgraded their website to include blogs and forums! Happy Spotting -P
  • Forum Thread: Greetings! Questions concerning conservation!

    Hello everyone! I am new to the RSPB forums and have joined for a particular reason. I am wanting to discover more about conservation across the UK, keeping up to date with both the work that the RSPB and other organisations across the UK embark. I have found a good website, that I really do recommend...
  • Forum Thread: Hello everybody in the RSPB community.

    It's not my first day, but I am still fairly new to the RSPB Internet community here on <>. I am a 47-year-old music composer and I love birds, especially seagulls. From my experience with seagulls I have learned that they are very intelligent, not at all like...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Hello everybody in the RSPB community.

    I love our Dungeness nature reserve and it isn't too far away from where I live, but I haven't been there since 2007. I don't have a car and would have to take the bus from Folkestone to the Dungeness nature reserve. I can highly recommend it to every bird lover, and on a clear day the French...
  • Forum Reply: Re: First timer ^_^

    A big THANKYOU to all replys, i noticed this morning with the newly laid snow that the Feildfare has a partner ! i put a few plums out for them and they loved them. As a must this week i will sort out our camara so i can take some pictures as the 'mobile phone' isnt good enough for those long...
  • Forum Thread: Phill The Birder here from Sutton Coldfield, How is everyone?

    Hello Everyone, Wow its great to see that the RSPB now has a forum and a blogging section. well done you guys to making this community. am going to become an active member! Anyway my name is Phillip and I am a Birder, blogger, Graphic/Web designer and all round good egg. I have been birding for 20...
  • Forum Thread: Hello

    Hello name is John and i am from northamptonshire,Just recently re- joined the RSPB.......although have been a member off and on over the years.We visit Top Lodge quite a bit, and is popular with my Wife and two daughters10 and 13,who love to sit in the hide and watch the birds...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Hello everybody in the RSPB community.

    Hi Mrs T, thanks for worrying for me but so far I consider this community of bird lovers perfectly safe. I read a report about birds raised in LG, and that they were tagged so their whereabouts could be tracked. How were they tagged? Is it a unique metal thread that can be tracked by receiving data feed...
  • Forum Reply: Re: New member

    Hi from me in Folkestone. I've seen the woodcuts of yours. I prefer alive birds. For me it is to live and let live and protect life as life is all that matters in this universe. Welcome to RSPB forum. Dejan Djordjevic
  • Forum Reply: Re: Hello everybody in the RSPB community.

    I have witnessed the threat for seagulls here where I live from the day I started renting my flat on 21/11/2011, that is just over one year now. It started with me hearing their conversation in the back garden about shooting seagulls, they kept saying that gulls are "vermin", that they will...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Tracking Other UK Ospreys

    Red 8T, hits the headlines....a celebrity in the making. Article also mentions the clash between the ideals of conservation and the increase in green energy schemes.
  • Media: Reed bunting

    Female reed bunting captured at Lochwinnoch nature reserve. Not a great image of her, but the only image of this bird I have:-) Will try for a better shot next time
  • Media: Snoozing Little Grebe

    Rainham again
  • Media: Razorbill

    RSPB Fowlsheugh
  • Media: Linnet

    Staet of a very good day at Rainham - this little critter was on the path ouside the reserve.
  • Media: Male Pochard

    Drying wings after washing himself. Newport Wetlands Canon EOS 60D, 100-400 'L' Series 100-400 IS Lens
  • Media: Ringed Pluver

    Ringed Pluver looking for food.