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    The sight of the iridescent kingfisher with its sparkly royal blue and orange plumage sitting motionless for 40 minutes on a pole in a muddy lake at the Rye Meads reserve made my birthday special! All thanks to my lovely girlfriend who took me there
  • Blog Post: Watery wonders

    Two new reports have shed new light on life on earth. The first claims to have found the world's oldest living organism and the second writes off that old phrase... 'there are plenty more fish in the sea'. The Mediteranean Sea is home to a organism that DNA testing dates as being 200,000...
  • Blog Post: pre flight chicks

    Not quite chocks away but ... Yes the season of peregrine chicks is upon us and soon London's skies will be full of these magnificent creatures swooping and diving and testing their flying skills. Sadly not all of London's peregrines successfuly bred this year. Eggs were washed out on one...
  • Blog Post: Fairburn Ings to Tate Modern, by guest blogger Des Garrahan

    If this is a London blog, why am I telling you about an RSPB reserve up in West Yorkshire? Well I suppose it’s because I’m the new Local Groups Officer for London and I recently started in the role and I’m trying to find out as much about the RSPB as I can. So there I was in Yorkshire...
  • Blog Post: Kingfisher nil, Watervole 1

    A new report out this week says water voles are making a comeback after their population slumped 90%. Just this last Wednesday I saw one - photo on the right - chewing on a fresh green leaf at our Rye Meads nature reserve in the Lee Valley. It was right by the path and didn't seem at all worried...
  • Blog Post: Twice bittern, not too shy

    I've looked hard, very hard, but I've never seen a bittern , which is why I'm desperately trying to find time to get to our Rye Meads nature reserve just north of east London. I'm not one of those who'll bear discomfort to see a particular bird, but for a bittern, I might defy...
  • Blog Post: Swift departure and a cycling adventure

    The swifts that danced over my house have gone. They'll be half way to Africa by now, but it gives me an opportunity to clean out my old swift box and try to fix it as high up my outside wall as my nerves and ladder will allow. Hopefully, it will then be a bit more attractive to a passing swift...
  • Blog Post: Better late than...

    If getting comedy right is all about timing,then my life's a tragedy.The day I go away on holiday I miss the peregrines on our webcam laying their first egg; they're presently sitting on four! Then on my holidays, a volcano erupts in Iceland, stranding my partner our three children and myself...
  • Blog Post: Seeing blue

    If you've ever set out to see a kingfisher , the chances are you've returned home disappointed. I hopped on London's Northern Line to Gospel Oak to work at our Date with Nature on Hampstead Heath with no expectations for the day what so ever. What a day it proved to be. There were the...
  • Media: On the fence

    Image taken from the Tern hide
  • Media: Robin 01

    This guy was very friendly and quite happy to pose. He was down near the Gadwell Hide at Rye Meads.
  • Media: Kingfisher

    First time I have ever seen one but I got lucky and watched two of them for over an hour plenty of shots too
  • Media: Kingfisher

    First time I have ever seen one but I got lucky and watched two of them for over an hour plenty of shots too
  • Media: Final Approach

  • Media: Whinchat

  • Media: Tern in Flight

    Image taken at Rye Meads
  • Media: outbound

  • Media: Peg Leg

    Saw this image, could'nt resist Image taken at the Kingfisher hide
  • Media: Pass the fishy!

    Earlier this morning.
  • Media: Female fishing

    Female fishing under the tree to the left of the hide.
  • Media: Quest for the post

  • Media: Pole to Pole

    Male flying from one perch to another
  • Media: Drying out

    Male taking a brief respite after quick dip
  • Media: Female Kingfisher

    Female Kingfisher
  • Media: Making a splash!