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  • Blog Post: The Return of the Spring

    On the drive to work this morning I saw my first terns of the year; common terns I suspect although they were too far and facing away from us to pin them down to a particular species. But I still got a rush of excitement nonetheless. The last three weeks or so have been a whirlwind of vaguely remembered...
  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: has spring sprung for you?

    And have you seen any butterflies yet? It was a glorious spring day in Bedfordshire yesterday. The sun was shining, blue, great and coal tits were singing away and smelt the first barbecues of the year! I even played cricket. But it was the butterflies that were most in evidence. After hibernating...
  • Blog Post: First Butterfly of the Year

    I saw my first butterfly of the year at Broadwater Warren - a Red Admiral. This beautiful butterfly will have emerged from it's pupae last year, then overwintered in a sheltered and secluded spot. I found it today basking in the sunshine on a bracken frond in a sunny clearing - a wonderful sign of...
  • Blog Post: Many more spring arrivals

    The weather since I last posted a blog has deteriorated somewhat; from balmy March days to rather changeable conditions, though there is now a hint of warmth in the sun. Migrants have appeared in some numbers with willow warblers singing from every patch of suitable ground. Pied flycatchers are back...
  • Blog Post: Signs of spring

    With slightly warmer weather, though still a rather chilly easterly wind, a few migrants have started to appear. The first sand martins were seen last Saturday and a few chiffchaffs have started to sing around the reserve. A pipistrelle bat was seen this lunch-time near the new boardwalk and butterflies...
  • Media: Speckled Wood

    This was taken in amongst the fallen leaves of the Oaks just off Coombe Heath.
  • Media: Red Admiral

    A Red Admiral butterfly resting briefly on blossom in early spring 2011.
  • Media: Silver Studded Blue Butterfly

    This was taken last spring, this individual wouldn't leave the bell heather no matter how close I got.
  • Media: Comma Butterfly

    A Comma butterfly resting on blossom in early spring 2011.
  • Media: Peacock Butterfly

    A Peacock Butterfly on Hawthorn Blossom.
  • Media: Comma

    Arne's car park 28th March 2012
  • Media: Peacock Butterfly

    Taken on 23/04, near Arne Farm
  • Media: Silver-Studded Blue Butterfly

    Silver-studded blue butterfly (Plebeius argus) on the heath at RSPB Arne, Dorset, UK. 06/06/11.
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: is this really it?

    It's taken a while this year, but I've finally seen my first butterfly of the year - a smashing brimstone which hurtled past on Saturday afternoon. With a chiffchaff singing nearby, it's finally started to feel like spring may be here (but don't hold your breath...). This lovely photo...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: and now for something different

    Is it gloomy and grey and a bit chilly where you are? Don't despair! Soon it'll be spring and there's so much to look forward to. Here's a gorgeous heath fritillary butterfly, a species you can see at our Blean Woods nature reserve in Kent (if you time your visit right). The photo...