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  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings (from the moth trap)

    After 6 months in a dusty cupboard in the warden's office, the Saltholme moth trap emerged and was set a couple of nights ago for the first time in 2015. It's one of the best things about Spring; the start of the moth trapping season. At Saltholme we have been regularly trapping and recording...
  • Media: Reed bunting (Emberiza schoenichus)

    The reed buntings are beginning to mark out their territories. This one is using a reed mace as a perch.
  • Media: Saltholme's shetland sheep and lamb

    One of this year's early arrivals with mum.
  • Media: Toad

    Toad(s) in pool near Saltholme hide
  • Media: Black tailed godwit

    Part of a party of three birds in summer plumage, taken from the Watch Point hide
  • Media: Ruff

    This full plumage ruff appeared on the reserve recently. Pictured in front of the Saltholme hide
  • Media: Formation flyying

    Avocets over tern island with legs of the Transporter Bridge in the background
  • Media: Great crested grebes

    Pair of great crested grebes in the act of mating, in front of Saltholme hide.
  • Media: Lesser black backed gulls

    This handsome pair alighted in front of the Saltholme hide.
  • Media: Marsh harrier

    This marsh harrier was observed over the Haverton Hole pools and eventually flew across to Dorman's Pool being mobbed by gulls and lapwings.
  • Media: Greylag & goslings

    This year's first goslings.
  • Media: Meadow pipit

    In front of Saltholme hide - in fine spring plumage
  • Media: Sedge Warbler

    Sedgie singing in a bramble patch back of Dorman's Pool
  • Media: Great crested grebes

    Pair of great crested grebes mating in front of the Saltholme hide
  • Blog Post: Signs of spring

    Bluebells There are bluebells galore at over twenty of our reserves . Come and lose yourself in a fragrant purple haze. Lambs Did you know we manage an organic farm at Lake Vyrnwy in Powys? Come and meet our newborn lambs at special events on the farm. Alternatively, go to Saltholme in Cleveland and...
  • Blog Post: Return of the martins

    Good evening, I've gone on for weeks that spring was creeping ever-closer and that things would soon change - well they have ... almost. The biggest excitement was the return of some sand martins . Three were seen feeding over the Allotment pool, at the top end of the reserve. These might not...
  • Blog Post: Early Spring Predictions

    Hi, I had partial success again with my February Forecast , which goes to show how unpredictable nature can be at times. I’m hoping to get 100% on this occasion. For March, the first month of spring, I predict to see the following at Saltholme, The return of Sand Martins from their wintering...
  • Blog Post: Whilst we wait for Spring...

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but this weather is starting to make me feel a little drowsy now. I always tend to go into a kind of hibernation over the winter, and it’s around the end of February that I begin to feel reenergised. This year, my body seems to think March is bringing about...
  • Blog Post: Toad you so

    Hi everyone, I've been lucky enough to have had a few days away, so sorry for things being quiet on the blog front. If there were any doubts that spring had arrived, they've surely gone now. Adam, who works in Saltholme's visitor centre, took this photo of some toad spawn in one of...
  • Blog Post: Litter in the reeds

    Hi, Last week, I jumped at the chance to help with one of Saltholme's water rail surveys. Our aim was to establish the number of rails that are living in the area between the amphitheatre and the fire station field. Water rails are very elusive, so needless to say this survey relied on audio rather...
  • Blog Post: At the end of the rainbow

    Hi everyone, Not the best photograph I've ever taken, but this is the sight that greeted me as I arrived at Saltholme this morning. It might be blustery, but it's perfect weather for blowing away the cobwebs. How red will your cheeks be? Ben.
  • Blog Post: Spring clean

    Hi, This is weeding and gardening on a massive scale, or at least we like to think it is. When 25 tonnes of cockleshell arrived at Saltholme it signalled the beginning of this year’s tern island work. In the last week of March, we took advantage of the fantastic weather to head out onto the...
  • Blog Post: What to look out for this Spring

    I know I said this about January 28 days ago, but can you believe February has already come to an end? I couldn’t quite believe it when I looked at my calendar this morning to see that it was March 1, and every passing month brings changes here at Saltholme as the seasons roll on. We’ve been...
  • Blog Post: Saltholme's own royal wedding

    Hi everyone, As Kate and William’s big day draws closer, we're blowing the regal trumpets about Saltholme's own pair of lovebirds - two elegant great crested grebes. You'll remember that I blogged some amazing photographs earlier in March of this pair of grebes. The photographs...
  • Blog Post: Lamb Story

    As you’re all aware by now, Saltholme is in the throws of lambing season. Whilst lambing mostly involves a bit of hard graft by some ewes and some choice members of our staff, the result is largely cute, fluffy, happy lambs that are a joy for us all to watch. Of course, sometimes things don’t...