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    watching the sun come up over Snowdonia Mountains whilst watching the Reed Buntings in the garden
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 24

    Hurray! It's 1 December, snow is falling and Christmas in on the ho-ho-horizon. To get in the spirit, we're starting this virtual advent calendar - 24 posts counting down the days to Christmas and celebrating the beauty of nature in winter. Join us every day as we open another calendar door to...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: an otter blowing a raspberry

    That's what it looks like, doesn't it? These usually elusive animals are hard to capture on camera, but this one, snapped by Niall Benvie, is in a wildlife centre. I think it's a great picture to bring a smile to your face on a Monday morning - let us know if you agree below. You can find...
  • Blog Post: Falling into nature

    So our brief summer has been and gone (yes, sorry guys, that was it) and it's edging ever closer to that dreaded page in your diary that says 'British Summer Time Ends'. Great! But it's not all doom and gloo m... Autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of year. Along with the change...
  • Blog Post: Taking the plunge

    I'll admit it - I've become a terrible bore. In the three weeks since the big hole in my garden was filled with water, I've been unable to stop talking about it. I'm besotted by my new pond and its contents. Creating it wasn't easy. It took two days of hard labour by me and my...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: are we nearly there yet?

    Yesterday I think I managed to experience all the seasons in one day - there was a bit of snow, some very persistent rain, patchy fog, and the sun even shone through for a couple of glorious hours! It was hard to know whether to wrap up warm, or be thinking about putting away my winter coat for the year...
  • Blog Post: Escape to the outside

    Here at The Lodge we've been shrouded in thick cloud for the past few days. Whatever time of day you look outside, the sky is the same. Grey. Gloomy. Depressing. We haven't seen the sun for what feels like weeks... Too much time spent at your desk is a bad thing, so I escaped for some fresh air...
  • Blog Post: Otter delight

    Getting up at unearthly hours, sitting motionless in a draughty hide for hours at a time and scanning the water until my eyes ache. I’ve tried them all in an attempt to catch a glimpse of an otter at my local nature reserve, Paxton Pits. I have spent a grand total of forty hours looking for these...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 21

    For those of us not snowed in, there’s still time to get out and enjoy flocking starlings . Here are some top spots to get out and witness this wildlife spectacle for yourselves. Photo credit: David Kjaer ( Brighton Pier Ham Wall Saltholme Newport Wetlands Leighton...
  • Blog Post: Nature: a healthy addiction

    Some are lucky enough to be bitten by the wildlife bug early on, so to speak, but I stumbled across an interesting example of someone acquiring a fascination with nature as an adult. Based in Singapore Francis Ooi went running in the woods near his home to escape the hustle and bustle of his urban...
  • Blog Post: A walk on the wild side

    Like so many other people, my interest in birds stems from watching them in my village garden when I was a kid. I spent hours and hours glued to the window, seeing what was coming and going. I hung feeders on the washing line, much to my mum's annoyance. Blue tits , blackbirds , robins , house...
  • Blog Post: From little acorns...

    18 months ago, I planted a tree in my garden . It's had a tough time since. This most spindly of saplings has been bent double by autumn gales and prompted more than one bout of emergency midnight ‘staking’ in my dressing gown and slippers. But, against the odds, it has survived through...
  • Blog Post: This weekend...go wild in the garden

    You don't always have to go to one of our reserves to see the best in UK wildlife. If you own a garden, or even just a window box, it can sometimes be as simple as staring out of the window to see the splendours of nature. And thanks to our homes for wildlife project you can get simple, tailored...
  • Blog Post: The nature facts Christmas quiz

    Welcome to our festive quiz! We're giving you the chance to win one of five copies of Birds - Their Hidden World . There's three rounds; general questions on yuletide plants and animals, pictures of mystery Christmas nature and finally, can you unscramble our festive anagrams? Some will be multiple...
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    I wanted to attract wildlife by making a pond in our allotmet. It took lot's of hard work and me and my dad where proud of it. One month later a frog came to our pond. She chose it for her home. I was so amazed a moment which will last forever.
  • Media: Foxy woxy

    This young fox visited my garden in the middle of the day for some sunflower seeds!
  • Media: House sparrow (f)

    taken in Newquay
  • Media: Grey heron

    Slimbridge Oct 09
  • Media: Brown hare

    munching again in Shropshire
  • Media: 5 Spotted Burnet Moth.

    This little Burnet moth clung to the rape plant.
  • Media: Woody

    Woodpigeon on my garden feeders. Woody has taken to visiting two or three times a day. I've never seen a woodpigeon on a feeder before! he looks too bog for the container!
  • Media: Fox

    We have a family of foxes that live within the grounds of our work. Every year they have two or three cubs. This wee one was just lying in the grass the other day, so I grabbed a shot. I think they are getting used to people as they dont seem to bother unless you go too close.
  • Media: Siskin Male

    Blashford Lakes Jan.2012
  • Media: Beautiful Bee

    Taken in the garden, this lovely English Bee collecting pollen. I have tried to ensure planting encourages the bee as they are under threat.
  • Media: Dragonflys mating

    Taken by the pond at Gibside, Rowlands Gill