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  • Blog Post: Confusing seasons

    Perhaps it has something to do with the supermoon/blood moon/lunar eclipse that many people enjoyed watching in the early hours of Monday morning, or maybe the recent autumn equinox, but the seasons seem a little confusing at the moment. Talking of the supermoon, I hope you manage to see it if you...
  • Blog Post: Blackberries

    During autumn the wildlife around us is very busy. On the ground hedgehogs are fattening up before hibernation. In the skies swallows are eating as many insects as they can before starting their long journey to South Africa. Whilst in the trees squirrels are gathering and storing as many nuts as they...
  • Blog Post: It's Our World - mass participation arts project

    We are very happy to support our partners, The John Muir Trust, with this amazing mass-participation arts project! It’s Our World is a mass participation arts project that aims to create the UK’s largest online collection of artwork celebrating the environment, as seen through the eyes...
  • Media: Bittern at RSPB Insh Marshes

    Taken in Jan 2011 - a very rare sighting of the beautiful Bittern at RSPB Insh Marshes in the Cairngorms, Scotland
  • Media: Little egret fishing

    Egret with a small dace instead of the usual stickleback.
  • Blog Post: A few winter migrants appear at the Lodge

    On Sunday, two ravens were seen flying together and later in the day, I noticed a raven mobbing a buzzard over the Galley Hill end of the new heath. As we haven't had any signs that they are nesting on the reserve, this is interesting behaviour at this time. Are they starting to nest later this year...
  • Media: Breaking cover

    Snipe. Taken on 17th February 2015.
  • Media: Mating Mallard

    Mating Mallard. Taken on 17th February 2015.
  • Media: Mallard

    Mallard. Taken on 17th February 2015.
  • Media: Shoveler

    Shoveler. Taken on 17th February 2015.
  • Media: Teal

    Teal. Taken on 17th February 2015.
  • Blog Post: Hungry Hawfinches

    February and March are by far the best months to look for Hawfinches at Nagshead . This large, but elusive finch holds almost legendary status amongst keen birders. Despite their size (approaching the size of a Redwing ), Hawfinches can be surprisingly difficult to locate, even when you can hear one...
  • Blog Post: Welcome sound of bird song.

    With the weather a little milder and winter slowly heading towards spring, it's noticeable that the birds are singing again. On just a short walk this morning, song thrush, mistle thrush, great tit and dunnock were all in song and making everything seem cheerier in the slightly gloomy conditions...
  • Blog Post: What to see in Scotland this month II

    There have been some really crisp clear days so far this month – perfect for wildlife watching. This blog is all about some of the wonderful wildlife you can see around Scotland in February. What to see in Scotland this month II When I was little my favourite creature to spot any time I was...
  • Blog Post: The Coombes Concert - conducted by Heather Watkins?!

    Don’t be fooled by the quietness of our woodland valley in the heart of winter. There is lots of life and as spring nears, the woodland appears to ‘wake’as the birds become vocal again. Even now, in snowy February, it is impossible not to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds...
  • Media: One eye open

    Resting Teal. Taken on 4th January 2015.
  • Media: Snoozing

    Male Shoveler. Taken on 4th January 2015.
  • Blog Post: Stoats in the snow

    The main action on the reserve away from the busy bird feeders has been the regular sightings of a stoat around the Gatehouse. This little creature is often seen whizzing around in pursuit of an unfortunate rabbit - which it invariably catches - and today it charged through the snow and caught another...
  • Blog Post: One avocet doesn't make a summer

    No sooner had the first avocet returned to the Scrape, signalling the imminent arrival of spring, then the temperature dropped and the snow showers arrived. It's still bitterly cold today, with both the Scrape and Island Mere largely frozen this morning, but at least the sun is shining and the days...
  • Media: Stoat in winter coat, Leighton Moss

    Beautiful Stoat in full white winter coat, next to Grisedale Hide at Leighton Moss.
  • Blog Post: Snow on Sandy

    We arrived at The Lodge this morning to find much more snow than we expected. It seems that most of the areas south of us had none at all, but I went out with the camera this morning so I have proof of how white it was here! Although the feeders are busy and bustling with lots of chaffinches, tits...
  • Blog Post: What's about at Coombes: A Wintery Wander

    Our guest blogger Paul tells us about his woodland wonderings through the reserve. If your wondering what's about at Coombes, read on... What’s about at Coombes: A Wintery Wander Just a quick walk through Coombes Valley to stretch my legs and get some fresh air in my lungs. It’s...
  • Blog Post: What will the cold snap blow our way?

    It's been relatively quiet at The Lodge over the last week, but with strong arctic winds on the way- this may be about to change! Just a few redpolls have been reported recently, but numbers of siskins, usually here in good numbers, are virtually non- existent this year. Likewise for bramblings and...
  • Blog Post: Snow & woodland Kingfishers

    Kingfishers may not be the first bird you think of when visiting Nagshead , but at certain times of year, they can be quite regular on the reserve ponds. It is always intriguing to see one flash past in a blue blur at waist height through mature woodland, commuting between water bodies. Late summer into...
  • Blog Post: What lies beneath??

    By Madeleine Pashley Its winter! The woodland landscape here at Coombes has surrendered to a mosaic of brown hues and silhouetted branches. Although, at this time of year, nature composes itself in a somewhat concealed and obscure demeanour, don’t let that fool you! There are weird and wild...