My work desk looks out of a window onto a feeder, so I can't really be blamed if I spend a few minutes every day looking at all the comings and goings! Woodpecker on The Lodge feeder

And at the moment, loads of different birds are visiting this feeder (in fact, it's the one that the webcam looks at), but among the nuthatches, goldfinches, tits, chaffinches and greenfinches, it's also proving a popular stop-off for a rather tatty looking great spotted woodpecker. I even managed to get a screen grab of it - left.

Yesterday, my colleague Katie (who looks out a different window) spotted (haha!) a young great spot fledge from what is likely to be the nest of this poor woodpecker. Then, today, while on a walk around the reserve at lunch, I came across a rather noisy and clearly visible youngster yelping from his nest hole, waiting to be fed.

All this reminded me that there is a woodpecker Date with Nature currently running on the reserve, and based on what I've seen, plus what's been said on the reserve blog, I reckon now is a great time to get yourself to The Lodge and see this all for yourself.

And if you need further convincing, there are also plenty of dragonflies zooming around the reserve ponds..... See, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist!