It looks like it's not just us who like to be beside the seaside. A pair of peregrines have set up home on the cliffs at Scarborough!

To start with we couldn't see much of what was going on because the nest was hidden from view, but now the chicks are a little bit older and moving around, there's some fantastic views to be had. The chicks, who we think are about a month old judging by the size of them, have been spotted scampering along the cliff ledge where their nest is and being fed by their parents.

A friendly team of RSPB experts are setting up shop on Marine Drive with high powered telescopes and binoculars so that everyone can have a closer look at family life on the edge. The team will be there Thursday - Sunday, 10:30 am - 4:30 pm, (weather permitting!) from tomorrow until 17 July. So grab your bucket and spade and come join us! 

Spot the chick!

I'm ready for my close up!