May, 2012


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

A date with nature

The latest news from our Date With Nature projects around the UK.
  • Puffincam needs you!

    The birds are back, the webcams are on, the nest is ready, all that is needed now is an egg in the world’s most famous puffin burrow at our Sumburgh Head site. And we need your help to spot when it arrives!

    Newton Harper, our man on the ground at Sumburgh Head, said : “Puffins have been back on the island for a few weeks now and already a returning pair appear to be settling in the burrow.  The egg was laid around this time last year , so we’re urging viewers to keep their eyes open for signs that the birds are laying. The extra eyes will come in handy as we don’t want to miss any of the action.”

    So if you get a spare minute or five, check out the puffincam and if you spot anything, now or at any other time in the season, get in touch! You can email us at or tweet what you've seen using #puffincam.

  • Goings on at Glaslyn

    Check out the latest post on the Glaslyn osprey diaries to find out how the nest faired in the 60 mph winds over the weekend and what happened when a mysterious stranger turned up uninvited.

  • Mr P the Bath peregrine III

    Hello. It's me again. Mr P the Bath peregrine.

    I'm in a jolly mood today writing this and not just because its dry for a change, but because yesterday my first chick of the year hatched out. That's right, Chicky P popped its head into the world just as the rain stopped and the sun came out. I would show you a picture, but the RSPB guy I get to take my photos seemed reluctant to shimmy on up the church tower with his camera. So instead I've got these for you.

    This is my friend Billy the cormorant. Making himself at home on one of the many tree stumps that have passed by this week.

    Here I am trying to have some lunch out of the rain. If my photographer was a bit quicker you would have seen P junior to my right, still trying to get a free meal off his dad. I don't know, some kids just never grow up.

    And finally, the river Avon as it gets a bit carried away. Well they say its perfect weather for ducks, but to me it's not just water off a peregrines back. I take a while longer to dry out. Meanwhile Mrs P was living the life of Riley in her cosy little nestbox.

    If all that wasn't exciting enough already, we got mentioned on BBC news, and there's even a video you can check out!