When I think of Scarborough, I think fish and chips, building sand castles with my dad and those addictive 2p machines that you know you're never going to win on, but you still keep shovelling the pennies in. However, as of tomorrow Scarborough means something else - peregrines!

The Scarborough peregrines return for a new season and so far it's all looking really good. The pair have been spotted mating and we think the female's sat on eggs. They should be hatching any time now so the timing is perfect!

The cliffs around Scarborough provide the perfect spot for this peregrine family with secluded ledges on which to raise their chicks. In fact they like it so much that they've been there seven years!

Friendly RSPB experts will be at the Marine Drive viewpoint, kitted out with all the equipment you need to get the best views of the birds.