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  • Blog Post: And they're off!

    The Date with Nature season has well and truly kicked off. We had nearly 20 events opening over the weekend and they're off to a cracking start. The Lake District ospreys arrived just in time, with Mrs making an appearance on Saturday and a male, who looks like her mate from last year No-ring, rocking...
  • Blog Post: Confusion in Cardiff

    There's been some strange goings on over in Cardiff over the weekend. The team on the ground are in a rather tricky position at the moment. They can't see the peregrine nest with the camera so they're having to rely on the behaviour of the adult pair to work out if the chicks are starting...
  • Blog Post: And they're off

    World record holder Usain Bolt may have broken all records when he ran the 100m in 9.58 seconds. But, he's got nothing on the peregrine falcon . At their fastest, these aerial masters of the sky have been recorded flying at a breathtaking 100m a second. That's 10 times faster than the fastest...
  • Blog Post: Time to leave Clock Tower peregrines

    It's time for us to leave the stars of the Cardiff Peregrines Date with Nature event. Although our pair failed to raise any chicks this year, that didn't stop them entertaining the crowds at City Hall Lawn and National Museum Cardiff with their aerial chases and general awe-inspiring feats. ...
  • Blog Post: Settling down to family life

    After causing all sorts of confusion last week, it looks like Cardiff's peregrines are finally settling into family life. Both parents are back at the nest (who knows where the male went or why the female was letting one of last year's chicks babysit) and the team finally got their first glimpse...
  • Blog Post: Keeping us guessing

    How many chicks are there in the Cardiff peregrine nest? That's anyone's guess at the moment! There's definitely one strong healthy chick that's been spotted strutting his stuff in the nest, but we still can't see if there's any more chicks hiding out of sight!