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  • Blog Post: Puffincam needs you!

    The birds are back, the webcams are on, the nest is ready, all that is needed now is an egg in the world’s most famous puffin burrow at our Sumburgh Head site. And we need your help to spot when it arrives! Newton Harper, our man on the ground at Sumburgh Head, said : “Puffins have been...
  • Blog Post: The one and only

    The last few weeks seem to have been all about our birds of prey, but our marine birds thought they'd get in on the action too! Saturday saw the arrival of the long awaited single puffin egg up at Sumbrugh Head on Shetland, with the egg arriving at 15:16. Both parents will now be busy spending the...
  • Blog Post: Sad news from Shetland

    I hate to end the week on a sad note, but unfortunately I'm going to have to. We've received the terrible news from Sumburgh Head that the puffling who has been the fluffy little star of puffincam this year has died. To find out more, take a look at the latest post on the Shetland blog .
  • Blog Post: Puffling progress

    Guess blogger: Helen Moncrieff, Shetland Warden Our Shetland puffling turns two weeks old tomorrow and it's growing bigger and fluffier by the day. It seems to spend most of its time sleeping, preening and occasionally “dancing.” The puffin parents have been very attentive and feeding...
  • Blog Post: Breaking puffin news

    The wait is over - the Sumburgh Head puffins have laid their egg! The new addition was spotted on puffincam just before 11am this morning. Newton Harper, our man on the ground, said: “For the past few days the burrow has been empty and with not many birds on the cliffs we wondered whether the...
  • Blog Post: Prepare yourself for puffling!

    We've just had a call from our team up at Sumburgh Head with some exciting news. They've spotted a crack in the puffin egg! We need your help to watch out for the first glimpse of the puffling so keep your eyes glued to puffincam and let us know if you see anything exciting.