A date with nature


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

A date with nature

The latest news from our Date With Nature projects around the UK.
  • Egg-cellent news from around the UK

    Looks like the stars of our Dates with Nature are busy settling into family life with a wave of eggs being laid over the last couple of weeks. 

    The Manchester peregrines are still sat on one egg, whilst the pair over in Chichester are now sitting on two - one laid on 9 April and one on Sunday.

    Up at Loch Garten, EJ and Odin have delivered as usual, with two eggs - laid on 11 April and yesterday - likely to to hatch in about five weeks time. 

    Last, but not least, the New Forest goshawks have got their work cut out for them, with four eggs currently being incubated and likely to hatch in about two weeks time.

  • Chicks!

    Down at the heronry in Verulamium park, we have been treated to fantastic views of the newly hatched heron chicks over the past few weeks. The first ones were seen on the 13th March but since then they have been eating at an incredible rate and growing bigger every day!

    Last sunday we went over with the local ringing group to ring 9 of the chicks, and there are at least double as many again over there- so a really good year. Make sure you pop down to see us soon as this is the best chance you will get to see these cute little punk rockers!

    Alongside that, our species list has now reached 67, and the first family of mallard ducklings have arrived and been seen swimming round the lake! Summer is really on its way!

    I will leave you with a few images from Heron Island.

    Photo credit Stuart Harrison

    Photo credit: Debs Allbrook

  • Manchester peregrines are running late

    It's usually about now that the Manchester peregrines are getting ready to raise their chicks, but this year something's different. The first egg was only laid this week so things are happening much later than usual. We're not 100% sure why this has happened, but it could be down to a number of things - the age of the birds or the fact one of last year's juveniles is still loitering around, which can upset the balance.

    Whatever the reason, we're chuffed that the pair have laid again this year, but we're still holding out hope that they'll add to their clutch - there's still time!! It's a really important time to be keeping an eye on the pair and the more eyes watching, the better. We need your help to spot any changes that might be happening, either in person or via the webcam. If you spot anything interesting then you can tweet the Manchester peregrines or let us know through the RSPB North West Facebook page

    Fingers crossed for some more action over the weekend!