Monday's Magic Moment: a grey day


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Monday's Magic Moment: a grey day

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I feel I should start by clarifying that I don't have anything against Mondays. In fact, I generally get on very well with them. But just occasionally they make me feel a little crotchety.

But you know what? That's totally okay. Because even in moodiness it's possible to find beauty as this great shot of a double rainbow against a gloomy grey sky shows.

Double rainbow covering mountain range on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Whether you want to brighten your mood, or wallow with me, there are plenty of photos on RSPB Images to suit your mood this Monday morning.

What sort of mood are you in?

  • Me either I can never capture it with the camera.

  • It most certainly is. I wonder how long Guy had been waiting to photograph a double rainbow? I've seen a few, but never where the second arc is so clear.

  • Lovely Shot.