Monday's magic moment: back to work?


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Monday's magic moment: back to work?

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Grey seal pup. Photo by Kevin Sawford (

Happy New Year!

I've got to admit, I closely resembled this little grey seal pup this morning! For many, myself included, it's the first day back at work after the Christmas break. And it's quite a shock!

Probably not as big a shock as this little guy gets though when it's chilly - he or she is currently sitting around on a cold Norfolk beach! Come to think of it, I'm not sure who's got the best of it!

Here's to a fantastic, nature-filled New Year.

If you're thinking of giving your home a little New Year colour, why not have a look at RSPB Images? This seal is amongst the thousands of images you can browse and even buy. 

  • Hi Kevin,

    Happy New Year, also this is a great post/picture keep up the good work.



    Happy Wildlife Watching