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We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).
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  • Blog Post: This weekend... watch the master-builders

    Long-tailed tits have to be some of our most popular garden birds. They've got it all - they're cute, fluffy, sociable, make funny noises, they're quite tame and quite common. It's also easy to encourage them into your garden by offering treats like fat or cheese. What's not to like...
  • Blog Post: In the mood for a song?

    This morning - grey, sleety and cold - I heard my first song thrush of the year as I drove to work. What a way to start the day. If I'd had time, I would have stopped to listen... it's one of my favourite bird songs. Yesterday I heard a wisp of half-hearted blackbird song, coming from high...
  • Blog Post: This weekend...use your ears

    When you next get a second, stick your head out the nearest window (or door!) and listen. If you live near a busy road it might take you a moment to adjust your ears, but listen carefully and you'll hear the beginnings of spring. At the moment, it's mainly an incoherent chatter and twitter...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: weather takes a tern for the better?

    I've seen two of these summer migrants recently, one near Brighton, looking very sorry to have made the trip. It was perched next to a brackish pond on a freezing blustery day. The other, was near Blackpool in a bit of sunshine a week later. What are the chances it's the same one? These...