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  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 3

    Just missed the last posting date? Never fear... We have a beautiful selection of e-cards that are a cinch to send and guaranteed to reach your loved ones in time for Christmas! Just visit RSPB Images and create an account to select a card from our stunning gallery of winter warmers. Then...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 17

    Is there still room for robins at Christmas? What do you think is the most popular bird to feature on Christmas cards? I bet most people would choose the robin. But this year, we have been surprised to discover that cards with robins on are not our bestsellers. In fact, robin cards are not even...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 10

    Know someone who is wild about birds or nutty about nature? Give them a gift that keeps on giving... Order today to ensure your gift membership pack arrives in time for Christmas! Already a member yourself? Tell us what you love about nature and what your membership means to you...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 20

    Spent the weekend Christmas shopping but still have no idea what to buy your family? Solve all your gift problems with the ultimate gift – a warm and fuzzy feeling! Bearded tit nest box A gift of £10 could buy a safe, cosy nesting space and year-round home for these beautiful...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 13

    In case you haven't heard, Bird is the Word ... so Radio One DJ Scott Mills would have you believe... ...and you won't be surprised to learn that we agree entirely!! Here at the RSPB, we're adding our support to a campaign for this year’s Christmas number one song. We're...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 22

    We thought it was time we gave you a chance to share your photos with us… This is just one of a beautiful selection of 'snowscapes' on our Community landscape gallery . Please click through and share yours with us too.
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 7

    One for the men... Beginning to feel the panic rising as you realise you’re running out of time to pick up the perfect present for your loved one? We’ve selected some little extra’s we know will go down a treat! Skinny Dipper gift sets Love Nature Chocolate: Wickedly...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 18

    Don't forget Christmas stockings for your garden birds... these recycled bird feeders make a great holiday activity for the children: And, as ever, don't forget to share your photos once your feeders are up!
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 9

    And a present for birds... a recipe for speedy bird cake . Another great family activity for the festive period (especially important with more snow forecast this weekend!) Tell us how you got on and, as ever, share your photos in our RSPB community gallery.
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 23

    Natural Christmas decorations photo credit: Ever tried scouring your local park for fallen pine cones? They make excellent natural Christmas decorations if taken home and left to dry out. Create a simple but elegant table decoration by scattering them around church candles...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 11

    And now a present for you... As most of you will know, Big Garden Birdwatch is just around the corner. Over half a million participants recorded 8.5 million birds across 280 000 gardens in 2010 helping us monitor the birds visiting our gardens over the winter period. This year we’re looking...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to Christmas: 16

    Hot on the heels of sharing that robins are no longer the nation's favourite Christmas card bird, we thought it was only fair to give you the chance to share your thoughts with us. Visit our RSPB Community poll , vote for your favourite Christmas card bird and leave a comment telling us why...