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  • Blog Post: What's the hurry?

    One of this year's osprey chicks from Loch Garten has made some impressive progress and had made it to West Africa already, just two weeks after leaving Scotland! Is it Alba or is it Caledonia? To find out check out the latest post on the Loch Garten osprey diary .
  • Blog Post: Keeping a watchful eye

    There's quite the tale unfolding over on the Loch Garten osprey diary . Not only are team tracking one of this year's youngsters, Caledonia, as she sits tight in Spain, but now they've even got some eyes on the ground keeping watch over her! To find out more, head over to the Loch Garten...
  • Blog Post: Daily routines and a definite break from the norm

    Whilst the young Loch Garten ospreys seem to have settled themselves into somewhat of a daily routine, back on the reserve there was a surprise in store for Richard as he encountered a very unexpected visitor on Sunday afternoon. Can you guess what it might be? To find out more check out the latest post...
  • Blog Post: Loch Garten fledge alert

    Looks like the first of the Loch Garten osprey chicks has taken the plunge and fledged. Find out more on the Loch Garten osprey diary blog .
  • Blog Post: Worth a try

    Having successfully raised two chicks this year, it appears Odin thought he'd try his luck one last time before EJ starts her migration south. To find out why check out the latest blog post on the Loch Garten osprey diary .
  • Blog Post: Best of the rest

    Has EJ managed to protect her eggs against the barrage of rain over the last few days and has spring finally sprung at Loch Garten? Find out more by checking out the latest on the Loch Garten osprey diary . It's anyone's guess how many eggs have hatched in Cardiff as you'll see from the...
  • Blog Post: Number 2 for Loch Garten

    There's now two chicks at Loch Garten! Check out the Loch Garten osprey diary to find out more.
  • Blog Post: Allow us to introduce you to...

    It's been all go up at Loch Garten over the last few days. The osprey chicks were ringed, tagged and named late last week. To find out what the newest additions are called head on over to the Loch Garten blog . There's also been an update on Rothes, who is an osprey on a mission at the mo...
  • Blog Post: A natural soap opera

    Forget Eastenders and Coronation Street - the ospreys at some of our date with nature sites could give any soap opera a run for their money at the moment! It's all happening in the Lake District where the female osprey has arrived back earlier than her usual mate, No-ring, and has proceeded to...
  • Blog Post: More egg-citement at Loch Garten

    Just a quickie to say there's been more egg action over on the Loch Garten osprey diary . Check it out!
  • Blog Post: Weekly catch up - eggs and intrigue

    What a week at our Dates with Nature! The first of this year's osprey eggs have been laid. The Glaslyn ospreys are in fact sitting on three at the moment (first was laid on Sat 6, second on Tues 9 and the third on Fri 12). The male has been busy bringing fish back to the nest and taking his turn...
  • Blog Post: Keeping an eye on things

    As Caledonia and Alba get used to their new found freedom and get ready for their first migration to Africa in a few weeks time, the Loch Garten team have been keeping track of what the young ospreys are up to, even when they can't actually see them. To find out more, check out the latest post on...
  • Blog Post: African hat trick

    Bynack's finally done it! He's picked up the pace and made it over into Africa to join Tore and Rothes. Where has his journey taken him? What peril lies ahead? Has Tore reached her final destination already? Check out the Loch Garten osprey diary to find out.
  • Blog Post: And they're off!

    The Date with Nature season has well and truly kicked off. We had nearly 20 events opening over the weekend and they're off to a cracking start. The Lake District ospreys arrived just in time, with Mrs making an appearance on Saturday and a male, who looks like her mate from last year No-ring, rocking...
  • Blog Post: Two eggs!

    For anyone who missed the news - EJ and Odin now have two eggs. Check out the latest from the nest over on the Loch Garten osprey diary .
  • Blog Post: A raptor roll

    The young Loch Garten ospreys seem to be pretty settled for the moment, but that doesn't mean things are all quiet back on the reserve. Enjoying an autumn stroll, Richard found himself on a raptor roll on Sunday, but just how many birds of prey can one man see in a day? To find out, check out the...
  • Blog Post: Heading off so soon?

    As the summer ambles on and the nights begin to draw in a little, the osprey teams around the country prepare to bid a fond farewell to their feathered friends for another year. It looks like the first of ospreys from Loch Garten may have started to move a move back to Africa, but who is it and can the...
  • Blog Post: Rain, rain, don't go away?

    The team at the Loch Garten osprey centre must be the only people in the country who are actually hoping for the bad weather to continue over the next few days. To find out why, check out their latest blog post here .
  • Blog Post: Keeping tabs

    As the season at Loch Garten begins to wind down, the team are still keeping a close eye on the progress of this year's juveniles as they make their first migration south. Has Tore finally taken the plunge and braved the Channel and has Bynack managed to get beyond France? To find out check out the...
  • Blog Post: Naming day

    It's been a big day up at Loch Garten and the team are like proud parents because the chicks as they've been ringed, tagged, sexed and named! To get the chicks' vital statistics and to find out what they've been called check out the latest post on the Loch Garten osprey blog .
  • Blog Post: Here will be just fine ... for now

    Looks like both the young Loch Garten ospreys are relatively settled for the moment, but where are they resting up? Head over to the Loch Garten osprey diary to find out.
  • Blog Post: And then there were two...

    It looks as if another osprey from Loch Garten has decided to take advantage of the good weather and start their long journey south for the winter. To find out who's getting a head start on things, who's still hanging around, and how Tore's first migration is going, check out the latest post...
  • Blog Post: More Bank Holiday chicks!

    Bank Holiday weekends seem to be the time for chicks to arrive this year. Last Bank Holiday we had the arrival of the Chichester and Malham peregrines to announce and this time it's the turn of the Loch Garten ospreys . I'm pleased to say that two happy, healthy chicks have arrived - the first...
  • Blog Post: The wait is over

    The first osprey chick has hatched up at Loch Garten. The new arrival made its first appearance over night on Thursday and has been captivating staff and visitors alike since then. Check out the Loch Garten osprey blog for all the details.
  • Blog Post: Taking the scenic route

    It looks like Tore has enjoyed growing up at Loch Garten so much that she fancied visiting some more RSPB reserves. To find out more about her reserves tour and to see how far Bynack has got in his first day on migration check out the latest post on the Loch Garten osprey diary .