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  • Blog Post: Aliens in Bedfordshire?

    Last week I thought I’d found evidence that aliens existed. Walking round the gardens at The Lodge, at lunchtime, I came to a large pond where a number of people were gathered. They were peering at something at the water’s edge; some were taking pictures. Elbowing my way to the front, I saw...
  • Blog Post: Bigging up the little guys

    Insects come in a variety of sizes and colours, but sadly, I can't say that I ever really pay that much attention to the little guys of our ecosystem, although I often see the evidence that they have been around - the intricate patterns left in leaves and bits of foliage missing as they happily chomp...
  • Blog Post: In the strangest of places

    Every year, we hear about lots of weird and wonderful places that birds have decided to nest, but birds aren't the only creatures that pick what can seem odd places to build a home. Last week, while staring out of my window at work ( again !) I realised that some sort of wasp was paying particular...
  • Blog Post: Entering another world

    Today, Lucinda and I spent our lunchtime staring into a tree. We had intended to go for a walk around the reserve, but got no further than the 'formal' gardens. 'Formal' is a bit of a misnomer; although the layout of the gardens is what you'd expect at a large, country house, they're...