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  • Blog Post: Glaslyn ospreys end the week on a high

    After the sad news yesterday, we're pleased to be able to end the week on a happier note - the first Glaslyn osprey chick has hatched . You can keep up to date with all the latest over at the Glaslyn osprey diary .
  • Blog Post: All grown up

    Glaslyn chick number three is airborn! 79 took her first flight yesterday morning, so that's all three chicks fledged before any of our others.
  • Blog Post: And he's off!

    Bynack, the male osprey chick at Loch Garten , has finally taken the plunge and fledged. To find out how he got on, check out the latest Loch Garten ospreys blog post .
  • Blog Post: Keeping track

    With the Glaslyn and Loch Garten osprey chicks already ringed and tagged, last week saw the turn of the solitary Lake District osprey chick. The chick, which appears to be a male, is now six weeks old and seems to be in good health. He was fitted with a satellite transmitter and a white id ring with...
  • Blog Post: Record breaker!

    After arriving back a month ahead of schedule, the Glaslyn ospreys seem keen to keep ahead of the game. Not only have they hatched the first osprey egg of the year, but the chick is also the earliest to hatch in Britain...ever ! The chick hatched on Monday afternoon, much to the excitement of the staff...
  • Blog Post: Up, up and away

    There's been another fledging at Glaslyn . The eldest osprey chick, 77, fledged yesterday at 1:05 pm. She's the second of the three chicks to take to the skies, with her younger brother, 78, fledging last week. There's just the youngest chick, 79, left to go. To keep up to date with all that's...
  • Blog Post: They grow up so fast!

    With all three Glaslyn osprey chicks taking to the skies last week, it looks like the chicks up at Loch Garten won't be too far behind. There's been plenty to suggest that it won't be long now and you can read all about it over on the Loch Garten ospreys blog .