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  • Blog Post: Back to Africa

    Coming into work this morning, I noticed a lone swallow perched on a wire by the side of the road. Although fairly impossible to tell what mood a bird is in, he looked a little lost and forlorn, and I imagined him sitting on the wire, wondering where all his mates had gone. I didn't have time...
  • Blog Post: This weekend... will a swallow make your day?

    Of course, Aristotle said 'one swallow does not make a summer' , but I think a swallow could make your weekend. They've already been seen as far north as Orkney , so your local ones are bound to be back soon. They're coming to a barn, shed or garage near you! Five swallow facts...
  • Blog Post: Just passing through, or here to stay?

    I stepped out of the front door to begin my journey to work. It was a beautiful morning, with the vibrant, green young leaves of the horse chestnuts illuminated perfectly. And there they were, bickering for space to perch on the telegraph wire. Our next-door neighbours, the swallows , were back! Lots...