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  • Blog Post: This weekend...Take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch

    W ell, it’s finally here. The big weekend. You’ve done the preparation, you can only sit back and watch. Which is exactly what we want you to do! For just one hour on either Saturday or Sunday please sit down, take a look out of the window and count the birds in your garden. Oh, and then...
  • Blog Post: There's more than one way to get involved with Big Garden Birdwatch!

    Big Garden Birdwatch is a great way to get away from your computer and reconnect with the wildlife outside your door/office/local park for a few hours. However, that doesn't mean we want you to abandon your computer forever. In fact, we'd love you to share with us your Birdwatch tips, tricks...
  • Blog Post: Is anybody there?

    I'm not going to lie - the Birdwatch can be a worrying time. What biscuits will I have with my cup of tea? Can I sit in my favourite chair and still see the garden? Will the birds know I'm watching them and not turn up? Ok, so I'm being silly about the first two, but every year we get people...