Just thought I’d introduce myself as a new member of the Wildlife Enquiries team, here at The Lodge.

I’ve always been interested in birds and wildlife and make the most of every opportunity to go out and see it, and occasionally get to photograph it! I used to work in the printing industry in a variety of jobs, from graphic design to printing, and a few other jobs along the way. A change in fortunes and redundancy made me think about my future and I finally decided what I wanted to do when I grew up! I went to Shuttleworth College to get a National Diploma in Countryside Management, and then to Writtle College in Chelmsford to get my Foundation Degree in Conservation and Habitat Management. Going to college and then into higher education was a huge shock to my system as a mature student, and a steep learning curve compared to what I had been doing! I have been volunteering in a number of different roles since I started at Shuttleworth in 2006, from digging ditches, laying paths, conducting surveys, talking to members of the public about Barn Owls and Herons, ending up volunteering here in Wildlife Enquires, where I was lucky enough to get a summer contract. 

So, here I am and I’m really enjoying it, even though the phone calls, emails and letters really make me think sometimes, but I’m learning new things all the time! Nesting birds in trees and hedges and baby birds in peril (which most of them are not) are the hot topics at the moment; the warm weather kicking the breeding season off early this year.  Enjoy your gardens and all the wildlife that is out there, and leave the baby birds alone – mum and dad know what they’re doing. Bye for now.